About Wellness With Moira

Hello and welcome! Are you feeling stuck or does it seem as if you are going around in circles… never really getting to where you’d like to be with your personal and professional goals?

You’ve probably experienced your fair share of challenges with fear, lack of confidence, and a lack of direction when it comes to what you want to do with your life.

Have you ever noticed that when you focus upon a problem, all that seems to exist for you are all of the ideas, methods and answers that did NOT work?  Truth is – In order for a problem to exist… the solution must also exist!

I’ve developed a 5-step process called The Letting Go Process… it provides you with tools and techniques for innovative and forward looking solutions.

My name is Moira Hutchison and I will help you:

  • to feel in control of your life
  • to feel more confident and joyful about your life
  • to feel on track with your life purpose
  • to have a great relationship with yourself, with friends and family AND at work…


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The Letting Go Process” is a forward-looking process which will shift your mindset so that you are more solution focused, it will motivate you for change and create mindfulness in your life so that you can release stress and achieve the success you’ve been wishing for.

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What people are saying…


As a very intuitive coach, Moira was able to use her experience to help me stay on track to achieve goals and break down any blocks that could limit my success.

I would highly recommend Moira as a coach to anyone who is looking to get back in touch with who they really are and to restore confidence in your abilities.



My experience of hypnosis with Moira was amazing. I had never been hypnotized before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Moira was immensely reassuring and supportive, making it very relaxing and comfortable.

In sharing my goals with her, she believed in me even more than I did! Moira is a wonderfully supportive, intuitive person and a very gifted hypnotist.

Dina Proctor



A wee bit about me…


Moira Hutchison

Physically I stopped growing at around age 12 or 13 (I am almost 6 feet tall!). Because my height made me stand out, I fixated on my physical body. All I wanted was to fit in with my peers and, above all, look good in the eyes of those around me!

Growing up I felt locked inside a body that I hated – listening to ridicule and teasing from family and peers, my overweight body became a prison for my true core self as I battled with depression and extreme shyness.

I left home at 18 to join a religious cult (thinking that this would give me some sense of self!) which I stayed in for almost two years.

Trapped in a very critical and controlling environment, I gave all my personal power away – until (finally!) I came to the realization that if I did not start tapping into my own inner wisdom and trusting myself I was never going to figure out who I am or what I wanted to be when I grew up!

I am now blessed to see that all of my early adult experience was an amazing gift: I have developed an ability to see beyond the “problems” that arise in life – I can see the deeper meaning within most situations and can help you do the same.

I’ve developed a sense of fun and a sense of humour – I love to laugh and often help people laugh at themselves… don’t you find that we have the tendency to take ourselves just a wee bit too seriously?

I’ve developed a sense of calmness even when there is chaos and muddled thinking – people often like to just talk to me about their problems because they end up feeling inspired and more confident than before our conversation.

The drive that many of us buy into to “fit in” is a complete fallacy – the actual purpose of our lives is to embrace the joy, love, fun and awesomeness of who we are… right here and right now.

Now that’s not to say that I do not experience “down” times or moments where I feel “stuck” BUT my underlying belief is that all is well in my life – I love the transformational work I offer and the results I see within my clients.

My journey from self loathing to unconditionally loving myself has been an incredibly inspirational journey. It’s this path and choice that inspired the development of  The Letting Go Process and my mission to help people get unstuck and achieve the best that they possibly can in mind-body and spirit.


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