Deal with Change with Ease and GraceDeal with Change with Ease and Grace…

In these times, we all have developed some type of set routine that helps us through the day.

Some people are very laid back when it comes to scheduling, while others find it very frustrating to have to deal with disruptions.

The Routines We Live By

As children, our routine tends to be set for us: school hours, homework, set mealtimes and bedtimes, and so on. Once we get to college our timetable relaxes somewhat, but there are still guidelines. Unless you are really motivated, it can be tempting to skip school, party like a rock star, and avoid the routine.

Once we are old enough to seek employment, the nine-to-five routine might disrupt our more relaxed lifestyle. Or, the opposite might happen. We get so used to the nine to five that we have a hard time coping with doing anything else.

Why Are Changes So Disturbing?

The main reason we find it difficult to deal with change is that any disruption is often triggered by circumstances beyond our control. This can make us feel very trapped and resentful because we can’t do much about what’s happened except cope with the challenge as best we can.

It can also be because of the pressure and stress we are already under in order to meet a deadline. The last thing we need is someone coming into our space to chat, or worse still, to hand us an emergency project that needs to be done right away when we had our whole day already planned out. Unwanted phone calls, the children getting sick… all of these can make us feel like pressure cookers about to explode.

Going on vacation can be wonderful, but travel, different time zones, a different bed, food and so on, are all major changes to your routine. Some people dislike and resist traveling for this very reason.

So, what are some of the best ways to cope with major changes to your routine?

Here are a few suggestions to help you deal with change:

Expect Interruptions a Few Times a Day

You will be less stressed if you accept they are a part of daily life and therefore not worth getting upset about. Roll with the changes and your day will roll on by with only a bump here or there that you will hardly notice if you don’t get tense and angry about it.

Build Pauses into Your Schedule

A to-do list and calendar are essential tools for keeping to a regular routine and getting everything done that needs to be accomplished within that routine. But it is important to build some breaks into your schedule for two reasons. The first is of course that you can’t work all day without bathroom and food breaks, and a bit of down time.

The second reason is that if we don’t schedule things on our calendars, chances are they will never happen. Pencil in some down time, relaxation time, and exercise in 30-minute blocks throughout the day. If you don’t make them one day because something major comes up, that’s fine.

If you start missing your breaks and workouts all the time, though, there’s clearly something wrong with your routine and work-life balance.

Learn to Say No

If you are a “people pleaser” whose plate tends to get really full because you have a hard time saying no to people, practice saying it. It’s great to want to help others, but not at the expense of your own sanity and health.

Try these techniques and see what a difference they make to your life and you will notice that your capacity to deal with change with grace and ease is greatly increased!!


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