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Introducing A Powerful New Way To Let Go of What No Longer Serves and Become The “You” That You Deserve and Desire!

Many of the people I work with are amazed when they find out they wasted their money on years of conventional therapy for something that could have been accomplished quite easily in just a few sessions. Although it may seem like magic, the reason my clients make changes so quickly is because we work directly with the part that really calls the shots; your unconscious mind. To better support my clients, I’ve taken training in many different areas including Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Emotion Codes, Spiritual Communication, Holistic Alternative Psychology, Life Coaching, and mindfulness techniques in a way that fits for every client, whether you’re brand new to hypnosis (as most clients are), or you’ve been around the block a few times.

Your Two Step Success Strategy

 Step 1 – Your “Letting Go Process” Introductory Coaching Session

The first step for anyone interested is to schedule your 30-minute “Letting Go Process” coaching session. In this session, we can meet in person, on the phone or over Skype and, along with being able to ask any questions you may have, you can make sure that working with me is the best fit for you. During this session, I’ll also be making sure you meet the requirements that I have for new clients (nothing too serious, but I do have preferences as to who I’ll work with). I know that coming in for a session may be something new for you, so rest assured that understanding, respect and privacy are my primary concern at all times. Whether your goal is to blast through some irrational behavior, eliminate any emotional malfunction or just get some clarity about making an important decision, the “Letting Go Process” Coaching Session is an empowering start to a more fulfilled, peaceful, purposeful, relaxed and happy life. 

Step 2 – Your “Mastery” Immersion Coaching

Lasting change comes from producing results, then reinforcing those positive changes to ensure you continue to have the quality of life you really want. The process of conditioning your mind is the same as conditioning your body. You wouldn’t expect a perfect body from going to the gym just once… it’s no different when it comes to what’s going on inside your head. Lasting change requires a long term conditioning of your body and brain to ensure mastery. To support you in this, long-term immersion coaching is available in 6 and 12 month packages. 

This transformational mindfulness coaching, energy healing, intuitive guidance & hypnotherapy approach  can help you by:

  • providing understanding and clarity on the real issues that have prevented you from taking action in the ways you want
  • helping you permanently breakthrough the internal blocks that exhaust your willpower, cause self-sabotage and lead to a life of frustration and hopelessness
  • providing accountability to ensure you stick to your commitments long enough for them to become a natural and effortless aspect of your being
  • empowering you to take action in powerful ways; naturally doing things that make other people notice and wonder how you got your “groove” back!
  • creating clarity on your direction and desired outcomes so you know exactly where you’re going and how to get there
  • supporting you to break free of those old habits that caused you to keep going through the same frustrating motions again and again
  •  teaching you mastery over your emotions so you’re always in control and so much more…

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