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“I help you feel calm and confident while motivating you to access inner wisdom, attain true balance and achieve your goals one step at a time.”

You crave Inner Balance. You wish to Align With Your Life Purpose. You desire Fulfillment in Life. You aspire to Achieve Your Goals… What is stopping you?

To experience fulfillment in life, you first need to come from a place of inner balance… then you have to fully understand and formulate what it is you truly want and what is stopping you… and then put a committed positive plan of action in place.

It can be difficult to do this on your own because this process will often involve facing some deep rooted and self-limiting beliefs. It is much easier to stay in the familiar safe place you are accustomed to – the place of comfort, mediocrity and limited choices. All of the services and resources available at Wellness With Moira will help you step out of the fear and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and get you on track creating the life you desire and deserve!

Akashic Record Reading - Soul Realignment

Are you experiencing any of the following…?

  • Feeling stuck despite having tried many ways to create success and abundance in your life?
  • No clarity in your life purpose?
  • Wondering who you really are at Soul level?
  • Finding yourself in repeated patterns of bad luck, trauma and negative events?
  • Experiencing difficulties in your relationships?
  • Suffering from a lack of self-love and low self-confidence?
  • Experiencing negative energies based on anger, sadness, hatred, exhaustion, etc?
  • Frustrated about being unable to find fulfillment in your life?
  • Looking for growth in your spiritual development but not sure how to proceed?

If the answer is yes to any of the above scenarios, then you need to read on about what you might be missing out on. First of all, it may be that you’ve been searching in all the wrong places.

The answers lie at your Soul level…

To explain: each Soul, from the moment of its origination, has a set of Akashic Records. The Akashic Records act as a database whereby every thought, word or action is stored as an energetic event. Therefore, everything about you, including all information about current, past (extending to previous lifetimes) , are stored here.

Benefits of accessing your Akashic Records…

In a nutshell, you get to understand who you are at Soul level. You know what special talents and gifts you are born with. You’ll become aware that you are meant to express them in your physical lifetime. You’ll also find out why while you have been hoping to express them, you’ve been facing certain blocks. With a new awareness and the intent to express Yourself fully from now on, you experience a positive shift in energy consciousness.

Unlocking the Secrets to your Akashic Records reveals:

  • What Soul gifts you have been born with and the intrinsic challenges that you are likely to face.
  • What spiritual journey you have been through in previous lifetimes.
  • What your blocks and restrictions are to leading a more peaceful and abundant life.
  • What deep rooted energetic patterns are causing your recurring negative thought patterns.
  • Any blockages you may have in your chakras.

It is not always the case that all of these findings will show up in your first reading. Your Soul will only have you know what is necessary for you to work on at each point in time.

Clear Obstacles To Your Current Life

Having a reading done will not be of much use to you if there is nothing we can do about the blocks, restrictions and negative influences that exist in your Akashic Records.

The key piece about reading the Akashic Records is that it allows for a cleansing and clearing out of negative influences and for a realignment of your Soul to take place. Blocks and restrictions can show up as chakra imbalances, memory issues, negative astral travel, entity influences, program implants, negative thought forms, karma, etc. Discordant energies created can affect you lifetime after lifetime.

By knowing what energetic imprints you carry from previous lifetimes, the opportunity to remove these can arise. The cleansing and realignment process is the second and third part to the Intuitive Consultation that is being offered here.

Your Key to Leading A Graceful, Peaceful & Abundant Life

Having your Akashic Records read and your soul cleansed is the key to leading a graceful, peaceful, abundant and purposeful life. Free from your blocks and restrictions, you have every opportunity to express yourself authentically, according to your natural gifts and talents, and in alignment to your Highest Path and Purpose.

The best part of this process is that you don’t have to get up from your chair to experience healing!!! There are no long therapy sessions to attend. Neither is any form of past life regressions from you necessary!! Your Akashic Records can be accessed remotely and very easily!

Expand Your Awareness: Reconnect to Source

Your soul made a choice to incarnate into this lifetime on Earth. It desires the experience of beauty and abundance in its physical lifetime. Yet, in order to come into full realization and experiencing, it had to forget who it was upon incarnation.

With an Akashic Record reading, you reawaken your memory. You expand your awareness. Vibrationally, your energy undergoes a lift and an expansion. You view obstacles less as difficulties but more as learning experiences. You reconnect to the core essence of who you really are!

When You Place an Order

Here’s what you get when you place an order:

  • A 100-minute Distance Reading of your Akashic Records*. The reading includes an overall soul profile and the blocks and restrictions you have.
  • Customized clearing of your limiting blocks and restrictions.
  • We connect via a 60-minute phone call for your reading.
  • A written prayer homework will be emailed to you after the call.
  • A complimentary MP3 recording of the call may also be sent to you, but please note that the energy exchange made is for the session and not the audio file. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have pen and paper ready for note-taking prior to the call. Sorry but I won’t be able to offer a refund in the event that there are technical issues with the recording (such occurrence are very rare though!).

(*You don’t need to be physically in front of me.)

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FAQ: How do you access the Akashic Records?

Via meditation and attunement, we align to the energetic frequency of the energetic field which is referred to as “The Akashic Records”. Many people have been able to access this energy field after many years of meditation; others are born with the ability to access this energy field. Some of the famous individuals that have been known to access this energetic field of knowledge and wisdom include Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and other great Philosophers.

What people are saying…

“Prior to the Soul Realignment Reading, I will admit, I was unsure of which of my passions and values to follow.Knowing my core essence has enabled me to trust myself and actually tune into my intuition when making decisions in business, and in life, that are in true alignment with me.

While a Soul Alignment Reading may seem intangible, the information that stemmed from it is very concrete and practical and can help people to immediately see their life through a new realm which is incredibly positive.

The accuracy of the reading showed Moira’s incredible awareness, I was blown and away and very impressed. Even though it was only one session, the information I learned stays with me and helps me every day.

Moira is highly recommended by me, to anyone who takes seriously their personal development, as during the Soul Realignment Reading: she helped me find out what it takes most people an entire lifetime to find out about themselves (their purpose).” – Karisa – Ottawa

Card Reading - Tarot and Angel

What does your future look like?

Do you have questions about your life, about relationships, love, career, finances, health, family, spiritual path? I use my intuitive gifts and card reading skills to help provide clarity, healing and practical guidance in all areas of life. My mission is to inform and empower those who seek my assistance.

Have you ever wondered?Card Reading

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • Do I have guardian angels?
  • What’s blocking my success?
  • How can I get my needs met in a better way?


You’ll find that I offer a gentle and empathetic way of bringing in meaningful information which has often been called remarkable by those who have worked with me.

 How can a Reading benefit you?

I bring through requested information that provides peace, reassurance and confirmation to those who wish to know what their future may hold. I help to empower you by revealing potential future events in a way that allows for whatever change may be desired.

Being able to see the road ahead allows us the opportunity to change our direction. We then become the masters of our future and not simply servants to our own fears.

 Want to change your present situation? Change your future?

Readings are available as an in-person session (and are often included as part of a coaching program).

However, when you request a telephone/Skype reading, you will receive a recording of the reading and our conversation as well as a graphic representation of all of the cards that came up for you. Many clients love this method as it provides a great resource to refer back to.

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Card Reading Party

Intrigue your guests by having a Professional Card Reader present during your next big event!

It is guaranteed to be completely different from anything you have ever experienced before.

One at a time each person will be given a Card Reading in a private room or somewhere quiet.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is a Card Reading Party?

Card Reading Parties are very popular and suitable for housewarmings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, a girls night out party, anniversaries, receptions, corporate functions, staff parties and other special occasions.

What happens during a Card Reading Party?

While your friends are socializing, individual readings are conducted privately, using either Tarot Cards or Angel Cards depending on each guest’s preference.

What is the difference between Tarot and Angel Cards?

Tarot decks traditionally have 78 cards. Most Angel decks consist of 44 cards. Both types of decks are used for divination and gaining clarity and insight in life.

How do I decide between Tarot and Angel Cards?

You are welcome to use both. Actually, several decks can be combined for a more detailed and interesting reading.

Who can host a Card Reading Party?

If you’d like to enjoy an evening of socializing with friends while making the event even more exciting – you can host your very own Card Reading Party!

What are the requirements of hosting a Card Reading Party?

Just invite 6 – 12 of your friends. All readings will take place one at a time in a private room that must be separate from the rest of the party. This is to ensure privacy and confidentiality for each guest.

Can I discuss my reading with others?

You may use your own discretion in deciding if or when you would like to discuss your reading with others.

What can everyone who attends a Card Reading Party expect?

Everyone can expect to gain insight into their lives, to become more enlightened, directed and focused while also enjoying the group energy of friends!

How much does it cost each guest wanting a Card Reading?

It is $50 for a 30 minute reading or $25 for a 15 minute reading for each guest.

As the Host, am I responsible for collecting money from my guests?

Each individual will be responsible to pay for their own reading before the reading commences.

How are the readings structured?

A sign-up sheet will be provided for ease of scheduling the appointment times. The readings are to be booked consecutively one after another with no large gaps in between.

How are the readings conducted?

All readings will take place one at a time and in a private space or room separate from the rest of the party to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

How do I advertise a Card Reading Party?

Creating a Facebook Event for your Card Reading Party is a fun and easy way to get your friends together. If you prefer, a poster can be provided.

What information should be included when advertising my Card Reading Party?

This is a sample of what is most often used:


Join me for an evening of friends, conversation, drinks and a private card reading with Moira Hutchison Angel Light Practitioner, and Intuitive Coach!

Gain insight into your life! Become more enlightened, directed and focused while also enjoying the group energy of great friends! The readings will be conducted using either Tarot Cards or Angel Cards depending on each individual’s preference. All readings will take place one at a time and in a private room.

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CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on healing modality that focuses on the wave-like rhythmic pulse that goes through the entire body. This therapy stems from osteopathy, which is an approach that emphasizes the role of the musculo-skeletal system in health and disease.

In a typical sixty to ninety minute session, the client lies quietly, fully clothed, while the practitioner makes light contact at specific points around the head and neck area, torso, knees, and feet. This light contact consists of gentle finger pressure, with practically no bone manipulation and no forceful thrusts such as those used in chiropractic work or osteopathy.

The practitioner notes what she perceives at selected points on the body and in the craniosacral system (this is the membranes and cerebro-spinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord), as well as the client’s attitude and intentions. The goal of craniosacral therapy is to help get rid of restrictions in this system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

Every day you endure stresses and strains which your body absorbs. Your body can only handle so much tension before the tissues begin to tighten and potentially affect the brain and spinal cord. This chronic tension can compromise the function of the central nervous system and the performance of nearly every other system in your body.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is effective for a wide range of health problems associated with pain and dysfunction, including:

  • Migraine and other Headaches 
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain 
  • Stress and Tension-related Disorders 
  • Complementary Cancer Care 
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue 
  • Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries 
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 
  • Emotional/Neurovascular Disorders 
  • Scoliosis 
  • TMJ Syndrome 
  • Neurovascular or Immune Disorders 
  • Many Other Conditions

How could it benefit your health and well-being?

CranioSacral therapy does no harm when practiced sensitively and respectfully by a trained practitioner. It often supports a shift in attitude in the client toward a more direct and intimate sense of their own well-being, a feeling of “being more at peace with oneself.” It also supports a natural shift to self-acceptance, a more natural capacity for loving relations, and a sense of being more connected to life.

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Dharma Readings & Dharma Typing

We all seek a sense of meaning, a purpose to our lives… truth be told, there is something you do better than anyone else on this planet. Find that and you will find your purpose, your sense of meaning. In current times, people are yearning for personal, financial, relationship and spiritual fulfillment. This compels them to look in each and every direction they can think of (or that they are told to by modern media!).

The personal development industry has become a gazillion dollar business BUT people continue to feel unfulfilled, wandering and questioning – hoping somehow that the latest self-help methodology or scientific breakthrough will help them find fulfillment.

dharma readings

What’s YOUR Life Purpose?

Everyone of us in this world is born with a purpose (in Sanskrit it is called Dharma). You have an individual dharma to fulfill in order to find your sense of bliss. Finding your dharma can lead you to that sense of meaning in your life as well as fulfillment not only in the areas of money, career, and relationships, but in your spiritual life too!!

Without being aware of our Dharma we can tend to feel frustrated, stuck and dissatisfied in life… This can be a peril for us, for our spiritual self and even our physical being. To avoid or disregard our Dharma is the easiest way to get stuck on a naive and senseless path, one that will eventually zap our individuality and destroy our purpose. On this path there is only unhappiness and unfulfilled ambitions and a life of stress and turmoil.

For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment.” ~Viktor E. Frankl

Dharma Readings are One Hour for $125, 1/2 hour for $70. Each reading will take you on a journey of your life map, including your Dharma Type, Life Cycle, as well as specific issues related to Love, Health, Career, and Spirituality.

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Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology (EP) is the name for a broad range of psychological treatments that utilize the human energy system. Included in this group are treatments such as Emotion Freedom Technique, Emotion Codes, Hypnotherapy, SomatoEmotional Release and many other such therapies. Each of these intentionally utilizes one of the human energy systems -such as the meridian system, the chakra system or the aura system – during treatment.

There are also many energetic healing modalities that do not use psychological processes – such as chi gong, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, therapeutic touch and so forth – and these are not called “energy psychology” treatments. The term “Energy Psychology” refers only those therapies that use both psychological interventions and energetic interventions together in a particular treatment format.

Why Use the Energy System for Psychological Healing and Growth?

Traditional psychotherapy has utilized the power of speech to transform emotions. Through talking about one’s feelings, experiences and struggles, one is often able to come to a better understanding of oneself, develop new ways of viewing things, and begin to consider new alternatives. However, discussion alone does not have the power to significantly change one’s innermost world.

Energy Psychology techniques add one more unique therapeutic dimension. By correcting a disruption in the energy system, these techniques can bring complete balance within a disturbed internal pattern and virtually “re-wire” the inner world.

“Re-Wiring” the Inner World

From the point of view of Energy Psychology, painful physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms are the result of a disruption in the energy system. When the disruption is corrected, symptoms will be replaced by healthy functioning. For instance, a phobic response to spiders would be replaced by a calm response to spiders. All aspects of the phobic response would be normalized. Therefore, physical sensations of distress (such as tense muscles, racing heart, lumps in the throat or sensations in the pit of the stomach) are alleviated. Disturbed thought processes (such distorted perceptions and catastrophic expectations) are normalized. Negative emotions (fear, panic, anger, helplessness, confusion, etc.) are replaced by inner peace. Unhelpful behavioural tendencies (fight or flight or freeze or freak-out responses, for example) are corrected. All of this can be achieved using the natural resources of the body’s energetic system.

After correcting problems energetically, clients report common experiences. They say things like the following:

• “It doesn’t bother me anymore – I can’t feel it.”
• “I can’t quite find it – it seems very distant now.”
• “I see it, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me.”
• “I feel calm.”
• “I don’t care about it anymore – it’s just not important.”
• “I’m not afraid anymore; I feel good.”
• “I don’t feel that way now.”

These changes often happen within only a few minutes of treatment, and yet the inner transformation is often profound and enduring. There is a large generalization effect of treatment – meaning that the treatment of one issue often causes resolution in many other issues (a real bonus!).

Energy Psychology techniques can be used to treat a large array of distressing symptoms including the following types of problems and more:

• worries, fears, anxieties and phobias
• painful memories, grief and traumatic experiences
• stress, burnout, exhaustion
• anger, rage, resentment, irritability
• moodiness, sadness, depression
• insecurity, low self-worth
• relationship difficulties
• performance issues
• limiting beliefs

How is EP Used in Therapy?

Energy Psychology is used as a particular treatment within therapy. I am not necessarily “technique-oriented” but rather “client-oriented.” After discussing the issues, I select the appropriate therapeutic intervention depending upon my client’s moment to moment needs. Depending on the situation, I may choose any one of a multitude of interventions, from empathic listening to hypnosis and everything in between. Energy Psychology techniques are only one of the possible ways to help a client work through an issue – therefore they are simply tools that are utilized within the context of a good therapy session. Like all other psychological interventions, EP techniques do not work with every single client. However, clinical experience shows that most people can benefit from EP!!

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Hypnosis in Cancer Care


Did you know that every day, perfectly healthy people produce cancer cells? If we have a healthy, fit immune system these rogue cells are very quickly identified and destroyed. However, if the immune system isn’t functioning as well as it could, these mutant cells can go undetected and could then start to multiply into a cancer.

Did you also know that chronic and long term stress puts a heavy burden upon the immune system. Just consider now when we are most susceptible to colds, flu, and other illnesses? Answer; when we are stressed out or run down!

There is no definitive cause for cancer, however, there are many factors which have a contributing influence; poor lifestyle, stress, age, genetics and contamination.

Something to keep in mind here: if stress suppresses the immune system allowing cancer to get a hold and we accept that being diagnosed with cancer and then facing treatment is in itself an additional massive stress. If we can relieve those stresses, we can then help and empower cancer patients to restore their immune system, therefore supporting not only their recovery
but also their longevity too!

Modern medical procedures are brilliant at identifying and then eradicating tumors and cancerous growths, however many patients are so scared and unsure what to expect, the stress they feel can be very over-powering and this is what we at Hypnosis for Cancer Care are looking to remedy through using the Hypno-Chemo Treatment.

The typical view of healing in the Western World is to go and see a doctor, and/or to take medicine, or to have a medical procedure. So when we experience an illness, without thinking we naturally turn to modern medicine, sit back and wait to be cured and in the majority of cases people make a full recovery, if not we go back and seek alternative medicine or treatment.

However, with something as serious as cancer, do you really want to put all your eggs in one basket? At Hypnosis for Cancer Care we believe for cancer patient’s to make the most of their medical treatment, they need to lower their stress levels and take control of their life and their condition. The Hypno-Chemo three pronged approach offers cancer clients exactly that.

The treatment is designed to support any adult cancer patient at each and every stage of their illness from helping to reduce the initial stress and disbelief of being diagnosed, to initiating that 3 pronged attack and building a positive expectancy.

3 Pronged Attack Against Cancer


This approach helps clients positively, engaging in medical treatments for maximum effect. Once clients are on the path to recovery, they can then use self hypnosis as a monitoring / surveillance system that allows them to visualize their immune system fit, healthy and alert, pouncing on anything that looks suspicious.

The Hypno-Chemo approach even supports through to relieving the burden of the individuals who now find their cancer is now beyond treatment.

The experience of cancer is something that takes courage, commitment and dedication to get through. At Hypnosis for Cancer Care, we strive to give you the strength and courage to face up to your cancer.

To find out more about how Hypnosis for Cancer Care and the Hypno-Chemo system call 613.432.1239 and arrange for a 30 minute free consultation.

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Mindfulness Life Coaching Programs



Introducing A Powerful New Way To Let Go of What No Longer Serves and Become The “You” That You Deserve and Desire!

Many of the people I work with are amazed when they find out they wasted their money on years of conventional therapy for something that could have been accomplished quite easily in just a few sessions. Although it may seem like magic, the reason my clients make changes so quickly is because we work directly with the part that really calls the shots; your unconscious mind. To better support my clients, I’ve taken training in many different areas including Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Emotion Codes, Spiritual Communication, Holistic Alternative Psychology, Life Coaching, and mindfulness techniques in a way that fits for every client, whether you’re brand new to hypnosis (as most clients are), or you’ve been around the block a few times.

Your Two Step Success Strategy

 Step 1 – Your “Letting Go Process” Introductory Coaching Session

The first step for anyone interested is to schedule your 30-minute “Letting Go Process” coaching session. In this session, we can meet in person, on the phone or over Skype and, along with being able to ask any questions you may have, you can make sure that working with me is the best fit for you. During this session, I’ll also be making sure you meet the requirements that I have for new clients (nothing too serious, but I do have preferences as to who I’ll work with). I know that coming in for a session may be something new for you, so rest assured that understanding, respect and privacy are my primary concern at all times. Whether your goal is to blast through some irrational behavior, eliminate any emotional malfunction or just get some clarity about making an important decision, the “Letting Go Process” Coaching Session is an empowering start to a more fulfilled, peaceful, purposeful, relaxed and happy life. 

Step 2 – Your “Mastery” Immersion Coaching

Lasting change comes from producing results, then reinforcing those positive changes to ensure you continue to have the quality of life you really want. The process of conditioning your mind is the same as conditioning your body. You wouldn’t expect a perfect body from going to the gym just once… it’s no different when it comes to what’s going on inside your head. Lasting change requires a long term conditioning of your body and brain to ensure mastery. To support you in this, long-term immersion coaching is available in 6 and 12 month packages. 

This transformational mindfulness coaching, energy healing, intuitive guidance & hypnotherapy approach  can help you by:

  • providing understanding and clarity on the real issues that have prevented you from taking action in the ways you want
  • helping you permanently breakthrough the internal blocks that exhaust your willpower, cause self-sabotage and lead to a life of frustration and hopelessness
  • providing accountability to ensure you stick to your commitments long enough for them to become a natural and effortless aspect of your being
  • empowering you to take action in powerful ways; naturally doing things that make other people notice and wonder how you got your “groove” back!
  • creating clarity on your direction and desired outcomes so you know exactly where you’re going and how to get there
  • supporting you to break free of those old habits that caused you to keep going through the same frustrating motions again and again
  •  teaching you mastery over your emotions so you’re always in control and so much more…


Click on the button below to get more information and to get started!

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SomatoEmotional Release


SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is a therapeutic process that helps cleanse the mind and body of residual effects of past trauma associated with negative experiences. Joint research efforts by Dr. John Upledger and biophysicist Dr. Zvi Karni led to the discovery that the body often holds onto (rather than dissipates) physical forces, and often the accompanying emotional energy, triggered by physiological, psychological, emotional or spiritual trauma. As the body heals, it can isolate or wall off, this energy into what is called an “energy cyst”. Although a body can initially adapt to the presence of this “energy cyst”, eventually the body weakens or tires of this accommodation and can develop symptoms of pain, dysfunction or emotional stress.

The goal of an SER session is a comfortable holistic mind-body approach to dissolve the residual effects of past trauma and negative emotional experiences from the mind, body, and spirit and to gain insight as to how that held trauma is influencing their physical and emotional health.

The SomatoEmotional Release process requires sensitivity and expertise on the part of the therapist and a positive attitude and trust from the client.

As a practitioner, I have studied in advanced CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release techniques and am prepared to help guide my client through the process of more deeply understanding and releasing emotional trauma which might include: violent assaults; sexual, emotional or physical abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), childhood traumas, traumatic relationship issues, and others.

What to Expect During a Session

Gentle and subtle body work is combined with dialogue to assist the process of release and to increase an awareness of your “inner self.” This work truly accesses and assists the body in healing that very powerful and basic “mind-body connection”, facilitating healing at the source level of the pain or problem. Sometimes, an awareness or association of past trauma may arise during the course of a craniosacral session and the release progresses within the framework of the physical bodywork being done during that session. Or, as larger issues become apparent, several focused sessions might be helpful to fully and safely allow the body to release the effects of the held physical/emotional trauma.

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Soul Manifesting Blueprint

We are all competent manifestors. We may not think we are, but truth is, we make choices constantly and every one of those choices has some sort of consequence, which is manifesting and creating in action. But as this process is mostly unconscious, we don’t always know how we are creating what we create or why manifesting doesn’t always seem to work out the way we think it should.

When we understand how we are uniquely designed for manifesting, then we can step fully into being conscious creators of what we desire.

When our physical life is in mis-alignment with our Divine Self-expression,
with who we truly are, our access to Vital Force Energy becomes restricted. Vital
Force Energy is what drives Creation. It’s the force that created us and it is what
enables us to live in these physical bodies we are in. It also gives us Creative Power.

When we learn to shift our vibrational state into closer alignment with our Divine
Self-expression, through new action over time, we increase the level of Vital Force
Energy available to us and in this way we can increase our creative power.

So… What Positive Changes Do You Wish To Create?

This reading will help you to understand your Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint – how you were perfectly designed and created as a Soul – and how you can align your course of action with your Blueprint in order to create what you truly wish for.

In a Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading, we have a look at what you desire to create in your life and from there we lay out a 3-step plan of action for your manifesting process:

  • Getting clear on, refining and setting your intentions.
  • Shifting your vibrational state into alignment with your desired outcome through new action over time.
  • Creating what you want to create by attracting a new result that is in alignment with your new vibrational state.

A Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading can be the beginning of a new and impactful
journey of self-discovery – to understand, at a deep Soul-level, how you can be the
powerful Creator of Your Reality.

When you understand your Manifesting Blueprint – your own unique and perfect
design for manifesting – you will have a very clear picture of how you are designed to experience your Divinity through Creating in this human, third-dimensional

By understanding how you are uniquely designed to manifest, you will also be able to recognize when you are not in alignment with your Blueprint and your manifesting is not creating what you desire. You can then consciously adjust your manifesting process to more fully align with your Divine Self-expression. You are now a conscious creator!

How can a Soul Manifesting Blueprint benefit you?

Your Soul Blueprint will reveal all areas of your life where you can consciously
manifest new and more positive outcomes. Whenever you wish to get started on
something new, you will have a greater awareness of how to do this in a way which is aligned with your soul. Specifically, your Soul Manifestation Blueprint will enable you to:

  • Attract positive and fulfilling relationships
  • Experience greater health and well-being
  • Tap into your creativity and find inspiration
  • Succeed at whatever intentions you set yourself
  • Manifest wealth or business success

By gaining a deeper understanding of which level your soul operates on, you will learn how to create new intentions and how to manifest them through your thoughts and actions. With this knowledge, every single area of your life can be improved by manifesting what your soul desires.

What can you expect from a Soul Manifestation Blueprint session?

Prior to your reading I will access your Akashic Records to check to see how aligned
your present life is to your soul’s blueprint.

Your Soul Manifestation reading can be done in-person, by phone or by Skype (phone and Skype sessions are recorded and the audio recording sent to you).

Together we will review the seven unique aspects that allow you to consciously
manifest what you create and have show up in your life, it will provide insight about
where you are now, in comparison to where you’d like to be.

You will also receive an audio recording of a piece of music specifically chosen to help you bring your vibration into lasting harmony with your Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint.

(If you would like to continue working with me to create your desired reality, you can purchase a 3 session package by choosing the “The Core You & Beyond” session package option.)

Session and payment options:

Session Options