We spend too much energy trying to change our world directly. While it is possible to force yourself to behave in a certain way, it is nearly impossible to maintain if you don’t make the necessary inner changes to support that behavior.

Embrace Change and Create Success in Your Best Way

Otherwise, life would be so easy!! We would all eat healthy food, go to the gym, do our homework, and be perfect peeps.

The best way to change your behavior and your results in life is to make inner changes:

1. Values.

Do you think that Donald Trump and the Dalai Lama have the same values? Of course not. The results they have achieved in life are very different, mainly because of their beliefs. They spend their time in different ways because of their beliefs. Their beliefs are likely the opposite of each other.

  • If you change your values, you can change your life. The values needed to be a successful real estate agent are very different from those needed to be a successful preschool teacher. Do your values match your objectives? If they don’t, you will struggle.

2. Beliefs.

Your beliefs also impact your behavior. If you think failure is bad, you will behave very differently than someone that believes failure is just part of the process. What are some other significant beliefs? Here are some to consider:

  • Money is the root of all evil versus money creates freedom
  • People can be trusted versus people are greedy and selfish
  • Life is a game versus life is a competition
  • Success is all that matter versus happiness is all that matters
  • Freedom is the most important thing versus admiration is the most important thing.
  • It is easy to see how different beliefs can lead to different approaches to life and different outcomes.

3. Thoughts.

Your values and beliefs influence your thoughts. But your thoughts can also be chosen. Consider your fears. You can’t be afraid of something unless you have a scary thought to go along with it. Is a baby afraid of a snake, a gun, or a scary movie? They have no concept of these things.

  • The thoughts you hold affect your mood and your focus. They also influence the things you pursue and avoid. Managing your thoughts can shape your behavior out in the world.

4. Interpretation of failure.

How you view failure has a huge impact on your approach to living. Those that avoid failure are also avoiding success. View failure as a learning experience and something that comes with the territory. If you can embrace failure, your level of success will increase.

5. Qualities.

You have the power to change yourself. If you become more confident or develop your communication skills, you will change your world. You can learn to be more bold, determined, or happy. You can learn to program a computer or to speak Spanish.

  • Your personal qualities, skills, and attributes give you more capability to change your life.

6. Attitude.

Your attitude affects your view of the world and your behavior. An optimist creates a different life than a pessimist. Are you angry or happy? Are you hopeful or fearful? It is easy to see that a positive attitude leads to a better place.

It’s important to monitor and change your behaviors if you want different results. However, your behavior is heavily influenced by your values, beliefs, thoughts and attitudes.

Focusing on making the necessary inner changes can create better results than simply trying to modify your behavior. Make the inner changes you need to manifest the behavior and results you seek in your life.


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