The second Mercury Retrograde of 2020 is now upon us!! This phase starts today and will be with us until July 12th. I love these phases and I encourage you to perhaps change your perspective of this too…

When planets go through retrograde, they just appear to be moving in the opposite direction when we look up at the sky from Earth.

Mercury Retrograde – a Change in Perspective

Of course, it is not really that the planet starts to physically move in its orbit… It just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet to the Earth and how they are all revolving around the Sun.

Here is an example to help you get the idea of this…

If you were driving down the highway at 100 mph and you saw a car up ahead, driving in the same direction, but this car was travelling at 80 mph. You will pass this car and as you look in your rear view mirror, you will be moving further and further away from that slower vehicle, thus making it seem like that the other vehicle is going backward, BUT you are both still heading in the same direction – that is a retrograde.

I believe that we are all planetary beings and it is helpful to have some awareness of the shift and changes in the energies of the universe around us. Each Mercury Retrograde is different from the other and this is due to the impact of what all other planetary bodies are doing, where they are and where they are in relationship to where we are on Planet Earth.

Mercury is all about communication which is why this phase can get a bad rap when emails go missing, computers have challenges, past issues may come up, etc.

In essence, a mercury retrograde period is reminding us to slow down and evaluate where we are in life. Be patient with – and grateful for – the things we take for granted like technology, communication, and transportation. This society we live in is built upon the foundation of technology, and we often forget how incredible but also volatile technology can be.

Currently, there are FIVE planets now in retrograde. Collectively, these retrogrades are supporting and encouraging us to surrender and open to the answers that will release us from feelings of self-doubt, worry, confusion, uncertainty and inner turmoil.

The other four planets in retrograde are:

Pluto (April 26th – October 5th) –

Encouraging us to discover and embrace your hidden inner power and aligning our shadow and light for wholeness.

Saturn (May 11th – Sept 29th) –

Asking us to be patient, helping us recognize when it is time for action and when it’s time to pause. Also inspiring full responsibility for ourselves and our path in the world.

Venus (May 13th – June 25th) –

Inspiring the up-leveling of our self-love quotient and recognizing that our gifts and talent ARE worthy of being shared and supporting us.

Jupiter (May 15th – September 13th) –

Supporting the honing of our skills and talents, helping us feel expansive and perhaps upgrading our life-purpose… also learning to love and accept who we are.

I encourage you to take this time as an opportunity to approach the different aspects of your life with a fresh perspective. Some of this may come from necessity – we are stepping into a new paradigm, and changing old systems, mindsets and beliefs is an excellent way to start afresh.

Many times, we can understand things more in-depth once we dissect them and assess what is serving us and what is not. Not only for our awareness and understanding but for our emotional needs too; realizing that something is not working is the first step in changing its outcome and thereby claiming authorship for your experience and path ahead.

I wish you an inspired, balanced and transformative path ahead!!


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