Letting Go – Align with Your Life Purpose Reading

Designed to create a powerful gateway to your healing and transformation. This unique process gently and lovingly supports you to face up to obstacles and challenges which often impact career, relationship issues, financial well-being, and physical or emotional wellness.

People so often try to overcome an obstacle in their life on their own but then they get discouraged… especially when there doesn’t appear to be any real reason for why they can’t grasp that success. Sometimes it is just that they need a wee bit of encouragement, a boost or a different perspective to gain the motivation they need to achieve their goals. Truth is: if a person REALLY wanted to do something and could do it on their own – they most likely would have done it already!

One reason that people fall short of their goals is that they keep attempting to solve the same problems with the same toolkit – themselves! How can a toolkit be expected to fix itself?

You must have a clear, workable strategy that suits the way that YOU are wired, you need to clear out any suspicious wiring (negative self-talk) holding you back and then you need to flat out get stuff done. But of course, not just any kind of stuff… the right stuff, at the right time, in the right order… A wee bit like playing music laughing

This comprehensive reading will:

  • Create the motivation you need to get on track and do the things you need to do in the right order to reach your goals.
  • Access your true calling and the gifts only YOU have in order to experience the successes that up until now have felt just out of your grasp.

Prior to our session, I will:

  • Access your Akashic Records
  • Get Details on Your Innate Gifts, Skills and Talents
  • Highlight the Shadow Aspects – these are the areas that are blocking you aligning with your purpose
  • Create a report for you to keep

During our one-hr. session, I will:

  • Share your Life Purpose Findings with You
  • Allow Time for Questions

(These Readings are offered in person, via Skype or Zoom).

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