Letting Go – Get Unstuck Reading

Letting Go – Get Unstuck Reading

  • Do you keep trying to make headway in your life but get nowhere?
  • Have you entered a phase of big changes?
  • Are you frustrated at work?
  • Is there something blocking you but you do not know what it is?
  • Do you feel that you have not tapped into your fullest potential?

If you are tired of this never ending cycle of frustration and disappointments from limiting beliefs and self sabotage, this may well be the most important thing you’ve ever read…

You Are Totally Worthy Of Absolutely Everything & Anything You Aspire To Be or Have!!

How you derive your feelings of confidence and value is often complex. It’s quite possible that every life event that you’ve experienced and everything ever said to you, have all contributed to your beliefs about yourself and the habits you currently have.

Struggling with feeling stuck or like you are going around in circles, can not only affect your sense of well-being, it can affect you physically too… It creates more stress, anxiety, and physical aches along with emotional and behavioural issues.

If you are ready to shift out of your stuck situation, a Letting Go – Get Unstuck Reading will help you dissolve old patterns and access your innate gifts, skills, passions and talents. It will also support you to clearly see where your psychological, subtle and emotional energy is really devoted.

This in-depth work provides:

  • A Life Purpose Evaluation
  • Tips and Suggestions to Align with Your Innate Gifts, Skills and Talents
  • Past Life Information
  • A Metaphysical Energy Assessment and Healing
  • Time To Ask Questions

(These one-hr. Readings are offered in person, via Skype or Zoom).

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