My passion and prime directive is…to inspire people to be the best version of themselves, hold space for them to arrive to where they want to be, and empower by sharing tools, reflection and resources.

My work with Moira has been amazing and most helpful. She doesn’t fill you with platitudes and etheric ideas. She helps you set realistic goals and outline the steps you need to obtain them. She continues to work with you finding the obstacles to your success and gives you real tools for overcoming them. I can truly say my life is much better since I took on Moira as a coach.

Randall Hall
WP Tech Guy 


Moira has given me an excellent toolbox that helps me deal with life’s challenges and difficult relationships. Through her intuitive approach and softness, she promotes self-care. I consider Moira my “soul doctor”, because she always makes me feel good about myself.



Moira’s “Success On Purpose” hypnosis program has helped me immensely in achieving my goals. I sleep better, have more energy, and am well on the way to meeting and exceeding the goals we set at the beginning of the program.

The best thing about Moira’s program (besides her amazing voice) is that she doesn’t let you beat yourself up. Everything is based on positive, loving energy and being kind to yourself. I have used several different self-hypnosis recordings trying to find one that really resonated with me, and I am happy to say that working with Moira, I have found what I need to succeed on purpose.

Helena Bowers
Publisher, The Acorn Stash


I have lost 10 pounds with Moira as a coach. Moira has been a constant support and helped greatly in my weight loss goal. She has an approach that combines everything from moral support, exercise ideas and food guide.

Listening to the audio recordings she provided me has unleashed the abilities that I knew I had and has helped empower me. When life happens and could make you lose track, she helps setting your mind back on the target.



I want to express my abundant gratitude to Moira for having demonstrated to me that I am capable of so much more in my life. This past year was very challenging for me personally and professionally. Through the use of Moira’s ‘specifically designed for me’ EFT tap alongs I created changes in how I perceived myself and was empowered to take a leap of faith for my business, which has developed into a whole new adventure. If you are looking for some help to ‘get unstuck’ then look no farther, Moira can help you find success in life and business.

 Anita Fiander 


My experience of hypnosis with Moira was amazing. I had never been hypnotized before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Moira was immensely reassuring and supportive, making it very relaxing and comfortable.

In sharing my goals with her, she believed in me even more than I did! Moira is a wonderfully supportive, intuitive person and a very gifted hypnotist.

Dina Proctor – www.DinaProctor.com


As a very intuitive coach, Moira was able to use her experience to help me stay on track to achieve goals and break down any blocks that could limit my success.

I would highly recommend Moira as a coach to anyone who is looking to get back in touch with who they really are and to restore confidence in your abilities.



For my weight loss success (40-lbs)… The hypnosis did help a lot, but it was also the deep and spiritual discussions that Moira and I shared that made something in my brain “click” and motivate me.

In the end I realized that what I needed was to speak to someone who could see through the surface, and look into the deeper levels and help heal my pain and deal with my frustrations.

I thank Moira so much for helping me get my life back on track. I decided I wanted to make a change, and she was right there with me – every step of the way.


Stacey Kenney


I started working with Moira a year ago… I was in a bad place. I was thinking of dropping out of school. I was struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem and addiction issues. I found working with Moira very helpful. Her hypnosis CDs and EFT “Tap-Alongs” helped me to think more positively.

I am proud to say that my addiction issues are under control. I feel more self-confident. I am also learning to be my own best friend.

Some of the major work I did with Moira was to overcome my negative self talk. Thanks to Moira, whenever I’m being overly critical of myself, I decide to be grateful instead.

In two months, I will be finished school. It is my honest opinion that I wouldn’t be close graduating without her help.

Anonymous, 27


Moira… Thank you SO much for helping me. I know I’ve hired you, but it doesn’t feel like that at all.

I feel like I have the support of a true friend, and I love you for it!

Kerri Quirt – www.KerriQuirt.com


Even though the weight loss was the main reason I started seeing Moira… it now seems as if that was a pleasant side effect, since so many more deeper issues that have plagued me for years now have been resolved.

I had low self-esteem for most of my life and often suffered from depression. I tried talking to therapists and it didn’t help (sometimes it even made me feel worse!) Now for the first time, I have a level of self-acceptance and self-esteem that I’ve never felt before… I can barely contain my happiness!



Thank you Moira for the awesome card reading… You tuned in right away and gave such an accurate assessment of current circumstances. I really appreciated your insight and gentle, encouraging advice.

Vikki MacKinnon – www.GotYourNumber.ca


I had felt that I was ready to quit smoking, but I just couldn’t seem to actually stop. After only one session with Moira (and listening to the CD she gave me) I was able to stop immediately and stay smoke-free! Yay! Whatever my block was, it is now gone.

Thanks Moira!



With Moira’s compassion and nurturing, I can truly say I have come a long way baby! I have evolved into a woman of compassion and inner strength that has been waiting for so long to be set free!

Thank you Moira for seeing in me what I could not.



Moira brings high value to her clients by continuing to educate herself so she may offer a variety of healing modalities to her practice.



My outlook on life is much more positive and what seemed impossible to change or achieve…is now it’s just a matter of time and it will happen. I face “life stresses” in a very different and confident manner and by doing so…I am more energized and relaxed.

Your holistic approach is changing my life in so many beautiful ways and all close to me are seeing it. Dream the Dream Again!!!



Moira has a wonderful gift in reading cards… she not only interprets the cards in a very loving and supportive way – but she communicates the messages and guidance in the exact way that each person needs to hear it.

Thank you Moira for seeing in me the strengths and solutions that I’ve overlooked or forgotten I had!