Hypnosis in Cancer Care

Hypnosis in Cancer Care

Did you know that every day, perfectly healthy people produce cancer cells? If we have a healthy, fit immune system these rogue cells are very quickly identified and destroyed. However, if the immune system isn’t functioning as well as it could, these mutant cells can go undetected and could then start to multiply into a cancer.

Did you also know that chronic and long term stress puts a heavy burden upon the immune system. Just consider now when we are most susceptible to colds, flu, and other illnesses? Answer; when we are stressed out or run down!

There is no definitive cause for cancer, however, there are many factors which have a contributing influence; poor lifestyle, stress, age, genetics and contamination.

Something to keep in mind here: if stress suppresses the immune system allowing cancer to get a hold and we accept that being diagnosed with cancer and then facing treatment is in itself an additional massive stress. If we can relieve those stresses, we can then help and empower cancer patients to restore their immune system, therefore supporting not only their recovery but also their longevity too!

A new approach

Modern medical procedures are brilliant at identifying and then eradicating tumors and cancerous growths, however many patients are so scared and unsure what to expect, the stress they feel can be very over-powering and this is what we are looking to remedy through using this approach.

The typical view of healing in the Western World is to go and see a doctor, and/or to take medicine, or to have a medical procedure. So when we experience an illness, without thinking we naturally turn to modern medicine, sit back and wait to be cured and in the majority of cases people make a full recovery, if not we go back and seek alternative medicine or treatment.

Three pronged approach

We believe for cancer patient’s to make the most of their medical treatment, they need to lower their stress levels and take control of their life and their condition. The Hypnosis for Cancer Care three pronged approach offers cancer clients exactly that.

The treatment is designed to support any adult cancer patient at each and every stage of their illness from helping to reduce the initial stress and disbelief of being diagnosed, to initiating that 3 pronged attack and building a positive expectancy.

Hypnosis in Cancer Care

This approach helps clients positively, engaging in medical treatments for maximum effect. Once clients are on the path to recovery, they can then use self hypnosis as a monitoring / surveillance system that allows them to visualize their immune system fit, healthy and alert, pouncing on anything that looks suspicious.

This approach even supports in relieving the burden of  individuals who find their cancer is now beyond treatment.

The experience of cancer is something that takes courage, commitment and dedication to get through. With this approach, we strive to give you the strength and courage to face up to your cancer.



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