I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck, burned out, or overwhelmed to break through their mindset blocks, feel prosperous, and serve their higher purposes with grace and ease.

Currently, I offer three presentations:

  • Letting Go So You Can Thrive: The 5-Step Process That Gets You Unstuck

  • Mindfulness Simplified: 3 Tips to Bring You a Sense of Calmness and Control

  • Mindful, Motivated and Masterful: 3 Tips to Overcome Procrastination

…however, I am happy to create a presentation to suit your group and specific needs – please contact me to discuss

To schedule an interview, guest blog, media appearance, or to get my insight or opinion on a topic related to releasing stress, overcoming procrastination and self-sabotage, bringing spirituality into everyday life, embracing and recognizing the law of attraction, making better choices, developing a success mindset, and increasing calmness and ease, please contact me HERE.

Moira Hutchison Speaker One-Sheet

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