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“I help you feel calm and confident while motivating you to let go of any beliefs, fears or limitations which are blocking access to your inner wisdom, I also gently guide you to attain true balance and achieve your goals one step at a time.”

You crave Inner Balance. You wish to Align With Your Life Purpose. You desire Fulfillment in Life.

You aspire to Achieve Your Goals…   What is stopping you?

To experience a sense of thriving and fulfillment in life, you first need to come from a place of inner balance and calmness… then you have to fully understand and formulate what it is you truly want and what is stopping you… and then put a committed positive plan of action in place.

It can be difficult to do this on your own because this process will often involve facing some deep rooted and self-limiting beliefs and habits. It is much easier to stay in the familiar safe place you are accustomed to – the place of comfort, mediocrity and limited choices. All of the services and resources I offer are specifically focused and tailored to YOU. The intent is to help you let go of anything that no longer serves, so you can step out of the fear and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Working with me will get you on track creating the life you wish for and, above all, so you can THRIVE!!

~ Readings ~

Tarot Card Reading

Card readings can be used as a tool to explore issues and circumstances in your life requiring guidance.

Do you have questions about your life, about relationships, love, career, finances, health, family, spiritual path? I use my intuitive gifts and card reading skills to help provide clarity, healing and practical guidance in all areas of life. My mission is to inform and empower those who seek my assistance.

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Akashic Record Reading & Clearing

Your soul made a choice to incarnate into this lifetime on Earth. It desires the experience of beauty and abundance in its physical lifetime. 

With an Akashic Record reading, you reawaken your memory. You expand your awareness. Vibrationally, your energy undergoes a lift and an expansion. You view obstacles less as difficulties but more as learning experiences. You reconnect to the core essence of who you really are!

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Dharma Type Reading

What’s YOUR Life Purpose? What gives you meaning and are you aligned with it?

Everyone of us in this world is born with a purpose (in Sanskrit it is called Dharma). You have an individual dharma to fulfill in order to find your sense of bliss. Finding your dharma can lead you to that sense of meaning in your life as well as fulfillment not only in the areas of money, career, and relationships, but in your spiritual life too!!

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~ Coaching Packages ~

Get Unstuck - Life Coaching Programs

Are you ready for a life and/or business makeover? Would you like to make some big changes and completely reinvent your life? Are you ready for a new you?

Making such a bold move can be scary, but it can also transform a ho-hum existence into an exciting and passionate adventure. One thing is for sure – this kind of transformation deserves some careful, insightful forethought and planning.

The secret to completely reinventing your life successfully is to start with the person you are at your very core and work outwardly from there.

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Moira’s coaching program helped me regain my confidence and guided me to figure out what I am most passionate about. I started the program because I was depressed, unemployed, lost and unsure of what career route to take. I was being pulled in different directions and feeling unsure of my skills, abilities and lack of purpose.

Her program offered me tools to help calm my mind, rebuild my confidence, as well as help guide me to my true purpose. Her gentle approach and intuitive abilities offered me the tools and information that I needed to start attracting happiness and prosperity back into my life.

Jana Rothwell

Letting Go - Mindfulness Life Coaching

Have you ever noticed that when we feel stuck – we become the expert of everything that does NOT work…

  • like the productivity or motivational plan that failed…
  • the exercise routine that was too hard…
  • the goal setting ideas that did not apply to us…
  • or the affirmations that were a waste of time trying?

The truth is that for a problem to exist – the solution must also exist! This coaching program has been designed with this concept in mind.

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~ Other Services ~

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology (EP) is the name for a broad range of psychological treatments that utilize the human energy system. Included in this group are treatments such as Emotion Freedom Technique, Emotion Codes, Hypnotherapy, SomatoEmotional Release and many other such therapies. Each of these intentionally utilizes one of the human energy systems – such as the meridian system, the belief system, the chakra system or the aura system – during treatment.

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Hypnosis in Cancer Care

The introduction of hypnosis and visualization techniques to cancer treatment is a very powerful way of inspiring calmness and hope on many levels, it helps instill a sense of control and calmness in the journey to restored well-being in mind, body, and soul.

What we visualize in our minds is often what we create in our bodies. Thus visualization and hypnosis are powerful techniques for healing mind, body, and soul.