How to Increase Your Energy…

How to Increase Your EnergyAre you feeling stressed out because you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? It might seem that way, but truth be told, every one of us on this planet gets the same 24 hours to work with each day. Why does if feel like yours are more restrictive than others? If you suffer from a lack of energy or productivity, keep reading. I might have just what you need here.

Stress and the Body

Stress can change the perspective from which you see the world. Where once you saw possibilities, now you only see doom. Why is that? There are many reasons. Most of those reasons have to do with the way that stress affects your body – especially when it becomes chronic. Here are some ways that stress manifests itself:

  • Mood – Too much pressure can lead to a sour mood that leaves you feeling withdrawn, defeated and even feeling cynical.
  • Brain drain – A lot of stress can bring on headaches, nervous conditions as well as unclear thinking.
  • Health issues – Are you experiencing heartburn or indigestion more than usual? It might be the stress response. That also takes the form of bloating and cramping. Even the skin can get dry and pale because of too much stress.

These are just a few examples. The result is that you are tired. Lack of sleep can stop your body from feeling revitalized and rested each day. When you lack energy, it is hard to have that “go get ‘em” spirit that makes us active and productive.

Five Ways to Increase your Energy and Productivity

If you are feeling stressed – what can you do? Stress won’t disappear overnight but you can start today to turn it all around for the better.

1. Exercise – Choose a form of exercise that you like, can stick with and makes you feel good. Working out in the morning provides you with more energy potential for the day. It also prevents other activities or unexpected issues from depriving you of a good physical workout.

2. Sleep – This is super-important. Have you ever gone for several hours or even days without sleep? You may behave like an intoxicated person: your reaction time and mental focus are diminished. It makes it hard to get work done, thus falling behind and becoming unproductive.

3. Eating well – Incorporating protein into every meal increases your stamina. Along with some good carbohydrates, you keep blood sugar low and energy levels steady. Even jobs that require you to work at a quick pace can be managed for longer when you use good foods as fuel. Also, don’t skip breakfast.

4. Drink lots of water – Water will detoxify your body, decreasing your toxic load. It decreases the cravings which can increase from stress.

5. Make a plan and try to stick to it – Scheduling your day and breaking down goals into manageable steps increases the chance of a positive outcome. Achieving one task each day is better than putting it off and having to tackle five things at the end of the week.

Taking the time to re-evaluate your life can slow things down and reduce your stress levels.