Mindfulness isn’t always associated with the hustle and bustle of traveling, but actually, a lot of mindfulness is present in the moment. Indeed experiencing the movement, the sounds, the sights and the smells. It is about genuinely appreciating where you are, how you come to be there and processing it gratefully and purposefully.

Living in the Now

Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

Traveling mindfully might not always be easy. However, there are few fail-safe things you can do, to bring that peace with you, and stay centred too.

1)    Book your hotel or apartment with care. The pace that you choose to stay in will be the space where you sleep, eat and retreat from the day. Ideally, you would look to book somewhere with vast views, fabulous gardens and delicious food. Imagine you were in Venice, in the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa, with the water gently lapping in the breeze and the sun dancing on the lagoon…Blissful.

2)    Bring notepads and pens. The ones you are most comfortable with so that when you have intrusive thoughts, you can quickly jot them down and remove them from your thought process. Also, while on vacation you are likely to have lighter and more dreamy thoughts about life. Be sure to write these down too; you can capture the specific beautiful memories and feelings and recall them at a later date.

3)    Turn all social media off. Often, we get so caught up with staying in touch with other people; we forget how to get in touch with ourselves – which is why you’re here. Take a camera, and capture everything you desire, just don’t rush to put a filter over it and send it out into the world. Take the time to disconnect and luxuriate in the moments of peace.

4)    Introduce a new level of sleeping well. While you are in the midst of a social and maybe even digital detox, it is a perfect time to introduce a new routine to your evenings. Try reading where maybe once you scrolled through Instagram.  For extra tips on sleep, How Sleep Can Improve Mindfulness and Overall Health.

5)    Eat slowly, chew with purpose. While you are on holiday, it is all too easy to devour new flavors and then not be able to recall them later – just that they were delicious. Try chewing and processing the flavors and textures you are experiencing. Be sure to try the local delicacies too. Often while you are on holiday, you have access to fresher seafood, fruits and vegetables – as well as some that you might never have locally. This holiday is the time to make the most of the access.

6)    Think about going retro. With modern cameras, we can take 100s of shots before we ever have to choose one. Maybe invest in something that enables you to stop, think, frame and be in the moment. Polaroid cameras, Lomography and even the old-school 28 and throw away are great options to help you capture your experiences in a whole new way.

These six tips will help you on the way to traveling as your most mindful self.


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