If you are like many people, at some time in your life you have or you will get into a rut in life. Sometimes this rut is referred to as a mid-life crisis, some times it is called the prodigal period, but whatever it is called, the same basic ingredients exist.

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What happens is that you start questioning the meaning and direction of your life and evaluating whether or not you should make changes (often major) and how you should go about doing them. Often it is brought on by a feeling of discontent in the place that you are in life compared to where you wished to be.

Basically you feel that you’re not achieving the success that you desire and want to change that. I’d like to suggest that if you are experiencing these “stuck in a rut” feelings try out (or at least check into) a success program.

OK – so, what is a success program?  It can actually be many different things really. They range in value and quality just like anything else and it’s advisable to keep in mind that you often pay for what you get. The essence of the right program should be is focusing on how to change whatever you are doing and adjust your trajectory so you can start to achieve the things that you are setting your sights on. This largely has to do with adjusting your thinking.

There are many programs offered where you can join others in a conference / retreat type of format.  This style of success programs are fabulous for breaking you out of the rut and allow you to see and feel what is possible for you.  However, I strongly encourage you to look into working with a life coach (either one on one or in a group program) so that you can keep the momentum for change going.
Success, succeed, achieve your goals
I have often seen people get totally inspired and motivated at a success retreat and then as soon as they get back home, back into there old routines – they lose all of the breakthroughs they experienced while being out of their environment… My passion is to support people where they are to make the changes required to succeed in every capacity possible for them.

Again the major goal of a success program is to make you change your way of thinking to allow you to change the course of your future. The mind is a powerful thing and if you can get it bent on success rather than futility, you have done a wonderful and potentially life altering thing for yourself!

By Moira Hutchison