A person without a purpose generally does not feel happy or content. They are constantly looking for excuses to justify not doing anything with their lives. They don’t have any direction because they think the world owes them something.

They tend to explain everything wrong with their life by trying to find a way out. That does not mean it is intentional. No one sets out to live a life without any purpose. They are driven by their circumstances or by someone or something else.

You know you lack a sense of purpose when you don’t feel satisfied with what you have and are always looking for more, even though you don’t realize it.


So how can you break that cycle of a lack of purpose? Try these strategies:


1. Take a well-deserved break.

Having a break from your daily life can do wonders for your mood. Often, when you don’t feel like doing anything, you might be burned out or just stressed. A break helps recharge your batteries and gives you a new perspective.

  • Give yourself a mental health day. On this day, decide to let go of what you think you are supposed to do and focus on what makes you happy.
  • Many people believe that success is just outside our comfort zone. That may be true in certain circumstances. But when you are in a cycle of a lack of purpose, a good break is just what you need to recharge your batteries.
  • Taking a break can allow you to discover your true purpose in life. You will then feel motivated to do more.

2. Follow things that interest you.

Many people have interests they would like to pursue but don’t. They ignore those interests because it seems like a waste of time.

  • The truth is that stringing together your hobbies and interests can help you discover your purpose.
  • For example, if you love video games, try to build an online video game store using Shopify and start selling video games.
  • If you love jewelry, start a jewelry business online. If you love photography, create your own photography business. And if you love graphic design, design business cards, brochures, and other materials.
  • That is not to say your purpose needs to relate to money. But it is best to relate to something you are passionate about. You want a purpose that excites you.

3. Admit that you are stuck.

The thing with getting stuck in a cycle is, you don’t notice it. The feelings slowly build up, and before you know it, you have become apathetic. You begin to feel like everything you do is just killing time.

  • Then those feelings turn into depression, anxiety, discombobulation, and discouragement. Regardless of how hard you try, the cycle keeps repeating itself. Don’t blame yourself for feeling like you do.

4. Follow artistic endeavors.

Many people turn to art as a way of expressing their feelings. Writing poetry, painting, drawing, or sculpting can help you unlock feelings you were too afraid to feel.

  • When you express those emotions, you will break that cycle and feel more passionate about things in your life again.
  • Exercising your artistic side also helps because physical activity makes you feel better, giving you more purpose.
  • The goal is not to sell your works of art or make a name for yourself but to enjoy yourself.

5. Don’t hesitate to speak to others.

The pandemic made it difficult to move freely and interact with friends and loved ones. If you are still feeling isolated, try reaching out to someone, even if only by phone or video-chat.

Finding your purpose is essential to living a life that pleases you.

It is not at all uncommon to get lost in life by your circumstances. And while feeling this way can be discouraging, it doesn’t have to be. There are always ways out of it by finding purpose in your life!!


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