What is Anxiety?Do you sometimes wonder what is anxiety? The often debilitating state of being known as anxiety has its basis in a very natural function. Linked to the “fight or flight” response mechanism of the survival instinct.

Anxiety appears as a feeling of apprehension or fear and often brings on such physiological responses as rapid heart beat, chest pains, shortness of breath and nausea. In this state the blood circulation is rerouted to increase flow to the muscles and secondary systems like the immune and digestive systems are slowed.

The dangers that lie in anxiety in part are that they can easily lead to the creation of phobias. Negative reinforcement in childhood can cause a person to have an underdeveloped sense of self motivation and will lead to feelings of fear and discomfort when faced with the need to confront tough life situations.

The inability to take charge of one’s life will further escalate the problem by creating an ever-increasing feeling of worthlessness and impotence. This course can develop into severe depression if not treated.

Sometimes this overwhelming anxiety can be brought on by the psychological prospects of the unknown. Existential anxiety can be brought on by one’s contemplating their own mortality or questioning their worth in life. This form of anxiety is often traced to an obsessive-compulsive disorder of the mind.

Fear of failure in one’s tasks is referred to as “test anxiety”. With the fear of failure and ridicule, those with an underdeveloped sense of self worth can succumb to the negative associations and create physiological symptoms that will further reduce the ability to perform and maintain a
spiraling effect on the victim. This “test anxiety” can often follow a person beyond school and show up in later life in the work place by lowered performance and the inability to function socially.

How can hypnotherapy help you overcome anxiety?

My approach to treating anxiety has 2 components: uncovering the root cause and treating the symptoms. Certain techniques are used for uncovering and reframing the root cause for the anxiety.

By using different techniques to explore and re-frame your past experiences, you can change the negative ideas that fuel the anxiety.

The second component in my approach is addressing the symptoms. These are addressed by teaching YOU, cognitive, behavioral and relaxation coping skills. YOU learn self-hypnosis and related skills to control anxious thoughts and worries. You also learn instant relaxation skills to help you cope with tension and anxiety episodes wherever they occur.

Hypnosis is an important component to your healing. When you learn and practice self-hypnosis, you can mentally practice and rehearse effective cognitive, behavioral and relaxation skills so that they become conscious and subconscious habits.

Hypnotherapy is a natural, drug free therapy which helps you to release yourself from limiting beliefs, habits and patterns of thought, enabling you to enjoy more confidence, increased self esteem and the freedom to be who you want to be.

There is a whole new road ahead. You can embrace the future that you want to live. It is possible to live a more peaceful and abundant life; free from self criticism, doubt and fear.


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