Why does it seem like some people have better intuition than others? Perhaps you believe that you lack intuition all together? Your mind is constantly giving you feedback. You are either not receiving the message or you are misinterpreting the signs. When you are uncertain about how to proceed, your intuition can provide valuable feedback.

7 Tips for Enhancing Your Intuition

It is an oversight to only rely on logic when you have other tools to use which can provide such clarity and guidance. Give your intuition a chance.

Learn to cultivate and use your intuition:


1. Practice listening to your intuition.

You probably already do this, just not at a sufficient level. When faced with multiple possibilities, give your intuition a chance to chime in. Start with little things. “Should I go to the movie with Jane or stay at home?”

  • Ask yourself these types of questions as they come up in your life and notice the response you receive.

2. Notice how your intuition communicates with you.

It might be in the form of a verbal response. In many cases, you will get a feeling in your body that might take the form of a feeling in your stomach, chest, or head. It could reveal itself as a sense of calmness, knowing, or anxiety.

  • You already experience these types of feelings. When faced with something you fear, your intuition is speaking to you. You already know how that feels. You also know when something feels “right.

3. Follow your intuition instinctively in minor matters.

Show your intuition that you are willing to listen. When faced with non-critical matters, such as whether to have a cup of coffee or tea, just do what your intuition tells you. You might go for a joy ride and allow your intuition to choose all the turns. Pay attention to where you end up!!

4. Meditation helps.

Your intuition might be talking to you, but you are not getting the message. With everything else going on in your head, you might not even notice that your intuition is trying to communicate with you. Meditation can quiet the mind enough to notice what your intuition is saying.

5. Spend time in a new environment.

Your thoughts and feelings become habits that are partially dependent on your surroundings. You tend to think and feel a certain way at home. The same goes for work.

  • Give your intuition room to maneuver and expand by spending time someplace out of the ordinary for you. Time at the library, park, or coffee shop might open the lines of communication.

6. Do something that engages your mind at a low level.

Have you ever noticed that many of your best ideas come while taking a shower, driving down the highway, or cutting the grass? It is because your mind is partially occupied. You have to pay attention to what you are doing, but your mind isn’t so engaged that it can’t wander a wee bit.

7. Keep track of your results.

In general, is your intuition providing helpful and accurate feedback? Notice the situations where the results are positive and those that are negative. You will be able to trust your intuition in more areas of your life over time.

It is important to understand that your intuition is flawed. It is flawed because of your fears and misconceptions. For example, you will never get a good vibe about spending time with someone new if you have social anxiety issues.

However, you already know a lot of things. And you already have a lot of life experience. The vast wisdom resulting from those two things is locked inside of you. Your intuition uses that information to guide you – if you will *listen*.


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