It is not easy to figure out how to spend the rest of your life. But it doesn’t have to feel like a huge challenge either. By asking yourself a few, simple questions, you can learn enough about yourself to lean into your sense of meaning in life.

Find Your Life Purpose with Ease

There may not be a perfect answer, but you can figure out a suitable answer without too much effort.

What are you meant to do?

Here are some ideas to consider in determining your life purpose:

1. What am I interested in?

These can be things you like to do, learn about, and think about. What activities cause you to lose track of time? Make a list of your 10 favorite activities. Now, think of ways you can make a living in a related way.

  • If you love teaching, there are many ways to instruct others. You could be an actual teacher, a personal trainer, teach meditation classes, or be a sports coach.
  • Do you love sports? Think coach, athletic trainer, gym teacher, and so on.

2. What do I want to learn more about?

Is there a topic that fascinates you so much that you spend your free time learning more about it? You might be fascinated with astronomy or inventing a better mousetrap. What really piques your interest?

3. What am I naturally good at?

Ideally, you can find something that you love that you also have a natural talent for. What are some things you do better than the average person? Make another list.

4. What did I want to do when I was a child?

What did you dream about being when you were growing up? Sometimes your first ideas are the best ideas. Think about your childhood dreams and ask yourself why you chose that field. You might get a few clues.

5. What are my values?

What is most important to you? Adventure? Helping others? Personal development? Overcoming challenges? Your purpose needs to be aligned with your values.

6. What is my gut telling me?

There is a time for logic and reason. This might not be one of those times. Sometimes, the best choice doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense. What is your soul trying to tell you? Listen.

7. Why? Why does a particular topic or field appeal to you?

If you understand that, you can find other options that might be more suitable to you. Let’s say you have an interest in being a healer. Make a list of why that appeals to you.

  • Help people
  • Intellectually challenging
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Ask yourself what else could you do that would meet those needs of yours. For example, you could volunteer on the weekend or you could enroll for workshops or classes.

8. Choose.

Making a choice can be scary. But if you have narrowed down your options, it’s hard to make a wrong choice. Making no choice at all insures that your life stays stuck.

It can be unsettling if you don’t know what your life purpose is. So, spend a little time with yourself and figure it out. It is important to make a decision, because the cost of never deciding is significant. Look to your values and preferences and you will find a life path that appeals to you. All it takes is asking yourself a few relevant questions.



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