The end of the year is always a time to think about change, to reflect back on the previous 12 months and what you’re going to do to make next year even better. But as we all know, many New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail from the outset. By February, your old habits have returned and you’ll simply shrug and say ‘maybe next year?’ instead.

But the key to successful lifestyle changes is not putting a date on it – start now. By getting a head start on your New Year’s resolutions now, you could actually form new habits by the time the New Year comes along, making allowing you to begin the year with success already under your belt.


Ready to give it a try? Here are some tips for helping you get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions. 

If losing weight is your goal… Form healthy habits now

Losing weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, especially after a festive period of excess eating and drinking. But if you’re serious about maintaining a healthy weight, you need to form great habits that will guide you through the rest of your life, not just in January.

There’s a big misconception that eating healthily means that you have to eat salads and stir-fries for the rest of your life. The truth is, you can eat healthily without giving up the foods you love – it’s all about moderation. By starting to change the way you think about food and forming better habits now, it will become a part of your lifestyle and won’t feel like a chore in the New Year.

Want to quit smoking? Put a plan in place

Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Whether you’re a ‘social smoker’ or you’ve been smoking heavily for a while now, you need to quit to be able to enjoy better overall health. You can start the quitting process by switching to e-Liquid products which will help you cut out tobacco and reduce your nicotine intake, ready to quit altogether. 

Need to save money? Change your spending habits 

If you wish you could save money, don’t put it off until the New Year – you can make some great savings now. It starts with changing your spending and finding ways to save more money every day. You can start the New Year with some savings behind you, even if they’re small, but safe in the knowledge that you are capable of saving money if you put your mind to it.

There’s never an ideal time to change your lifestyle, it starts now. You can help by familiarizing yourself with the essential ingredients for a personal transformation and being kind to yourself. With a healthier outlook, you won’t need to form New Year’s resolutions – they’ll be a part of your everyday lifestyle. 


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