The first half of this year may have been a wee bit tough for some… Some have felt the weight of financial pressure, while others had to cope with a drastic change in their routines. It isn’t difficult to get sidetracked when you can’t count on the support you have worked hard to have. 

A Healthier Me: 7 Simple Swaps in Your Routine to Change Your Life


With childcare, schools, public transports, housekeeping helps, and retirement homes shut, you might have struggled to keep up. 

Moreover, working from home, the closure of gyms, and the inability to spend an afternoon out with friends may have impacted your mental and physical health. However, the swaps below are easy to implement – even if you have limited time at available!

Give Up a Bad Habit

Pick a bad habit that you no longer need or want in your life and get rid of it. This could be swapping cigarettes for a healthier E-Juice such as Bargain E Juice, or stop biting your nails. Undoubtedly, the midst of a global crisis and pandemic might not be the moment when you feel at your strongest. However, for how big or small such a change can be, the rewards of overcoming an unhealthy habit can be exceptional – and they are likely to boost your mood like nothing else!

Working Towards a More Sustainable Lifestyle

With the fast-paced lifestyle we all live, sometimes we are too busy to stop and analyze our lifestyle and choices. While the instinct could be to blame others for the environmental damage that we are experiencing today, there is always something more that we can all do. Recycling and separating your wastage is already an excellent action, but more swaps can help us live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Becoming zero-waste is a journey that can take years, but this should not stop you from limiting your wastage. You can do so by always opting for reusable, ethically made products over single-use, plastic ones. 

Minimalism Could Be the Answer

We all love shopping, especially as the good season approaches. However, buying more items than what we need and following fast-fashion trends can quickly lead to a huge environmental impact. At the same time, living beyond one’s means is a common mistake that can lead to many severe consequences. 

Instead, minimalism is a philosophy rather than a fashion choice. This mindset will cause you to start picking high-quality items that are bound to last for many years to come – just fewer! This choice can undoubtedly be kind to the environment and to your wallet, which is an essential characteristic given the financial crisis hanging over our heads.

Why Not Give Up Meat? (At Least One Day a Week)

It has been confirmed that meat production and meat consumption are the single, most influential cause of pollution and climate change. Swapping to a plant-based diet from a day to another might not be in the cards. However, taking up a challenge such as Meatless Monday can help you understand this lifestyle a little better. And, who knows, you’ll discover the incredible health benefits associated with vegetarianism and go all in!

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the Aperitif

Alcohol is somehow a constant in social gatherings, important occasions, celebrations, and romantic dinners. However, deciding to cut down on your alcohol consumption is a choice you should be proud of – even if this means researching valid alternatives for your upcoming events. Because let’s say it, orange juice can never be an appealing option next to champagne!

Reducing alcohol consumption in your diet can have excellent health benefits, including improved heart health, focus, sleep quality, and circulation. 

Cycle Your Way Through the Commute

Commuting to the workplace is one of the most disliked periods for many professionals, even those passionate about their jobs. However, we often become numb to it, especially after completing the same routine for many years. 

Nonetheless, just because you have never changed your route once, it does not mean that you have to stick with it forever. As some more of the pandemic-related restrictions are lifted, and professionals go back to the office, cycling to work can make your “new normal” more exciting – and healthier!

Bring Exercise Back in Your Morning Routine

We all know that exercising is at the core of living a healthy life. However, somehow, fitting training sessions in our already-packed schedule often seems impossible. Moreover, many logistics must go behind this choice, such as timings of showers and meals. 

However, reconnecting with your health and deciding to improve the way your body looks and feel is a key factor. And there is no more need to spend an hour at the gym: you can exercise from home, decide your type of training, and join a class anytime you prefer. 


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