Everyone judges you to some extent within the first few seconds of meeting you. It can take a considerable amount of time to overcome a bad first-impression. Save yourself this hassle by presenting yourself in the best possible light up front. You will make feel more confident and influence people for the good!!

Making a Good Impression With Confidence

Always remember that people ultimately decide how much they like you based on how you make them feel. Make someone feel confident and good about themselves in your presence and you will have a friend for life.

It is not difficult to make a good first-impression:


1. Begin your interactions with a smile.

Smiling makes you feel better and helps you to relax. It also puts the other person in a positive mood. Smiling is just a good policy to adopt. Of course, smiling isn’t always appropriate. For example, delivering bad news while smiling would not go over well.

2. Avoid looking at your phone or watch while speaking with someone.

Imagine telling someone something significant, only to have them pull out their phone and start scrolling through their text messages in the middle of your story. You wouldn’t appreciate it. Others don’t appreciate it either. Give them your full attention and consideration.

3. Practice good eye contact.

Make solid eye contact with everyone you meet or speak with. Failing to make eye contact shows that you are either disinterested or lack confidence. Practice with strangers. Make eye contact with everyone you walk by on the street or in a store.

4. Be trustworthy.

You know people that are trustworthy and others that are not. Think about your impressions of each group of people. People than can’t be relied upon don’t make a good impression. Allow your word to be your bond.

  • Ask your friends if you are trustworthy. It’s not easy to judge yourself accurately on this characteristic. Consider asking a trusted colleague, too.
5. Be punctual.

Many view lateness as rude and inconsiderate. You will never upset anyone by being on time. Tardiness creates a negative impression. Get off on the right foot by always being on time to your obligations. Punctuality is another form of trustworthiness. Give yourself plenty of time for all your appointments.

6. Be yourself.

Unless you are up for an Oscar, you can’t fool other people for long. You will feel better about yourself if you are honest and authentic. Others admire those that are comfortable in their own skin.

7. Be excited to see the other person.

Even if you are speaking to a stranger, act like you have just met the most important person you will meet that day. Make others feel important, and they will like you.

8. Be comfortable and confident.

When you feel good, you make the people around you feel good, too. Have you ever noticed that being around someone that’s nervous or uncomfortable makes you feel uncomfortable, too? Radiate confidence, without being obnoxious, and others will enjoy your presence.

Life is easier when others have a positive opinion about you. It is the little things that count. Eye-contact, punctuality, and listening skills can go a long way toward putting your best foot forward. When others perceive you favorably, you receive more trust and consideration. People like you more, too.

Show that you respect and care about others, and they will do the same for you. It is not that hard to accomplish. Think about the people you know that make a good first-impression. How do they do it?


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