As the darker mornings start to draw in, it can get harder and harder to jump out of bed each morning. The desire to stay snuggled up cozy under the covers is going to grab us all at some point in the coming months, so how can we combat this and actually get going each morning? Well, today we are sharing with you 4 great ways to start your day, in the hope that they will make those early starts a little easier.

Play music

This one is always going to lift you up.

Pop on your favorite tracks, create a playlist or get inspired with a genre of your choice. If you have that one song that always does it for you, then get it on repeat and sing every word. You can find instructions on how to loop a YouTube video here as it can be tricky to work out how to do that .

Music will put you in a better mood instantly and it can give your creativity a boost.

4 Great Ways to Start Your Day

Whether you choose to go for a run, walk the dog through the park or settle down for an early morning yoga session, exercising in the morning will always help you to start your day right.

They will all get you moving around and some will get you out into the fresh air too, which is a brilliant way to wake you up. Going out early in the morning often means that there are few people around so you can enjoy the peace and seeing the world start to wake up.

You could combine this one with playing music and exercise by dancing around whilst you are getting ready. You know you will feel better for it.

Eat breakfast

This is a meal that so many of us skip, yet there are so many benefits to eating breakfast and it can make a real difference to your day.

Kick-start your metabolism and help to get your brain into gear with breakfast. The best combination is carbs and protein, and it is best to eat after you exercise if you choose to do that too.

Even if you are short on time, you can usually fit this one in. It need not be a full cooked feast each morning, some fruit, cereals or a handful of nuts will get you going for the day.

Make a list

Start your day with a clear focus on all that you want to achieve that day.

Writing everything down will help you to organize your thoughts early on and appreciate all that you need to do that day. You might want to then prioritize which tasks need to be done first and you can then work systematically through it.

Writing things down gets them out of your head so that you can relax into your day without everything swirling around your mind. It also allows you to visually see how manageable it all is, and if it is not then shift some jobs to the following day or week. Your list should be realistic not daunting.


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