If you struggle with finding your self-confidence, you are hardly alone. In fact, high self-esteem and confidence is something that many people find hard to obtain. This is not a freely given gift; you have to build confidence in yourself, your strengths, and your skills.

Fortunately, building a strong sense of self-belief is not as difficult as you may imagine it to be. Sure, it is not a trait you can build overnight, but you don’t have to overturn your whole life just to become confident. The best way to build confidence is by making small changes to your attitudes, perceptions, and behavior.


If you are ready to become more confident, read on to find out the six most effective ways to go about it.

6 Effective Ways to Build Self-Confidence


1.      Consider Past Achievements

Someone once said that confidence is the memory of success, and I couldn’t agree more. One of the best ways to boost your self-esteem is to remember the things you have achieved in the past.

If you feel like you have not achieved anything in life, there is a good chance you are underestimating yourself. Even that test you did exceptionally well in or that well-prepared presentation you delivered last week count as past successes.

A smart thing to do when trying to build your self-confidence is to make a list of the things you have achieved and always keep it close. Whatever makes you proud of yourself, whether it is raising well-adjusted children, or losing weight, goes on that list.

This list will prove invaluable when self-doubt creeps in, and you feel like you have never done anything worthwhile in your life.

2.      Play to Your Strengths

No matter what you think of your abilities, you have strengths and talents. Some things come naturally to you, and you ought to capitalize on them.

For instance, you may find that you can belt out a tune beautifully without much struggle but find it hard to concentrate on reading. You may be poor at drawing, but a genius in cooking.

The trick here is to find something you are good at and do a lot of it often. It doesn’t have to be your profession; even a beloved hobby can contribute a lot to your self-confidence. Just make sure you have at least one thing you excel at and commit to getting better at it. 

3.      Set Goals

Few things are half as fulfilling as setting targets and accomplishing them. Not only does achievement breed fulfillment, but it also goes a long way in boosting confidence. When you reach a goal, you do not falter in the face of new challenges. Achievement gives you a winning attitude and a positive outlook on life.

Goals don’t need to be unduly difficult to reach. Even small achievements count just as much as the big ones. Making your bed every day, for instance, gives you a sense of accomplishment early in the day. This seemingly small task sets the foundation for reaching even the more challenging goals.

Setting a goal is not enough. It is easy for anyone to say that they want to get better at managing their finances. While this is a smart thing to do, it has to be backed up by a solid plan. What exactly does better financial management mean? Will you start by paying off all your debt or investing your money in high-yield ventures?

An excellent tip to help you achieve your goals is to set clear timelines for achieving them. This will keep you on your toes, which ultimately leads to achieving your target.

4.      Be Your Biggest Fan

We all know that critical voice in our heads that reminds us of every mistake we’ve ever made. This voice becomes particularly pronounced when we are anxious or facing potential difficulties. If you want to become more confident, you simply must learn to tame this voice of self-doubt and self-degradation.

Learn how to cheer for yourself. Talk yourself up whenever you are facing a difficult or stressful situation. Look at challenges as an opportunity to grow. Speak up in public, and share your honest opinions about different matters.

It would help if you also practiced positive self-talk throughout the day. Remind yourself regularly that you are a confident person who can achieve whatever you set your mind on. Pay the naysayers, whether they be voices in your head or people around you, absolutely no attention.

5.      Dress Well

Another vital tip to boost your self-confidence is to dress well. Have you ever noticed how poised you feel when you dress well? You may find that you smile more often, start conversations with coworkers, and generally are in a great mood.

Dressing well boosts your self-confidence because you are not worried about what others think of your clothes. You also assume a more confident posture since you do not try to hide a crease here or a tear there.

When choosing your attire for the day, make sure that it complements your features and skin tone. Additionally, go the extra mile and accessorize properly too. If you need them, don’t hesitate to use hair loss tablets. The confidence that will flow from looking good is simply unparalleled.

6.      Consider Getting Professional Help

If you have tried everything in your power, but you still struggle with creating a healthy sense of self, consider getting professional help. This is particularly important if you went through an awful experience that shattered your self-confidence.

A professional therapist or mental health practitioner can help you let go of damaging events in your past. They can also guide you on your path towards creating a more self-assured and assertive personality.


Going through life with a healthy sense of self-confidence is essential. You can only unlock real success and lead a fulfilling life if you feel confident in your abilities and decisions. It is often said that you will know how to live once you learn how to trust yourself. This is undoubtedly true.

If you are struggling with low self-esteem or hardly expect yourself to amount to anything worthwhile, it is time to work on your self-confidence. Start with the tips shared in this blog post, and watch your self-confidence grow significantly.




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