How to Become Self-Aware…

Become Self-AwareWhen people feel stuck in their lives, or they encounter one obstacle after another, they often start to wonder if it is really possible to change their life for the better. The answer is yes – through personal empowerment.

Many of us focus on things outside ourselves when seeking to change. Truth be told, the only real solution is to change ourselves from within by becoming more self-aware. You may not have much control over the things that happen in your life, but you can always control the way you respond to them. Self-awareness will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, maximizing the one and minimizing the other.

The first step is to identify an area of your life you are struggling with, your current strategies for coping with it, and the results of those coping strategies.

Common “Coping” Strategies

When the going gets tough, many people take on so-called coping strategies that leave them worse off than before. These might include:

  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Using drugs
  • Using too many over-the-counter medications
  • Over using prescription medications
  • Binge eating
  • Overspending/being a shopaholic
  • Not paying bills in a timely manner
  • Acting like an ostrich when trouble comes
  • Not controlling their anger
  • Procrastinating
  • Blaming others
  • Viewing oneself as a victim

…and so on. None of these behaviors allows us to stay in control, and can therefore end up making a bad situation much worse.

What Life Would Be Like through Personal Empowerment

By contrast, being empowered puts you in much more control. You will be in charge of your health, emotions, and the decisions you make. You will also be able to make smarter decisions about your finances by removing many of the more expensive coping strategies you’ve been using as a crutch.

You won’t spend a small fortune on cigarettes, drinking, or using drugs of any kind. You won’t overspend on snacks, eating out or fast food. You won’t max out your credit cards buying things you really don’t need just for the sake of acquiring them, or “rewarding” yourself because you feel bad or deserve a “treat” for working so hard. Too many expensive treat can add up to huge interest payments, a bad credit score, or even bankruptcy.

Not paying bills on time usually happens for two reasons. The first is that there just isn’t enough money to cover all of the costs you’ve incurred each month for rent, utilities, (basic) phone service, and (reasonable) food costs. The second reason might be that you’re turning into an ostrich (i.e. burying your head in the sand) every time something bad happens, like a bill coming in through the door.

Personal empowerment is all about taking control of your finances to live your best life. It is also about no longer running away, but facing issues head on with the confidence that you can handle whatever life has thrown your way. You might need to learn more about a topic, or ask for help from a professional, but you are willing to take action to achieve your goal of a better life.

No one is forcing you to do anything. You are simply examining your choices and deciding for yourself what the best course of action is given each situation you encounter. You are confident and have self-esteem which will allow you to follow through to live your best life.

There’s no need to feel stuck. Start making smarter choices today and see what a difference personal empowerment can make in your life.