The more confining your comfort zone, the less you can accomplish. You are more limited than you need to be.

By expanding your comfort zone, you can increase your successes significantly. You will have more options and enjoy life to a greater extent. Your emotional resilience and resistance to stress is increased. You can experience a greater level of comfort and ease while accomplishing more.

Expand Your Comfort Zone


Expand your comfort zone and watch your results skyrocket with these techniques:


1. Identify the ways that your comfort zone is limiting your progress.

What does it stop you from doing? How does that impair and restrict you?

  • For example, are you uncomfortable with meeting strangers? This limit can narrow your opportunities. It can prevent social opportunities. It can make group activities uncomfortable.
  • On the other hand, maybe you are afraid of heights, but you live in a small town in Nebraska and your fear of heights has zero impact on your life. This an example of a limited comfort zone that is not limiting your progress. Why bother to change this if it does not really affect you?

2. Shake up your routine.

Create a simple change in your life. Take a new route to the supermarket. Try a new restaurant for lunch. Change your dress style. Watch a new show on Netflix.

3. Engage in activities that are good for you, but slightly uncomfortable.

Join a yoga class. Take a public speaking course. You can tick off several items on your wish list by increasing your comfort zone and improving yourself in some way. What would be good for you that also makes you uncomfortable?

4. Use the five-second rule.

You probably have a lot of great ideas, like walking over and saying “Hi” to an attractive stranger. But you talk yourself out of this type of thing every time.

  • The key is to act before you can start rationalizing with yourself. Act on your positive impulses before you can chicken out.

5. Go on a lot of dates.

What is more uncomfortable than a first date? A lot of first dates. Join a night of speed dating. Join an online dating site and make several coffee dates over the next month. You will get plenty of practice dealing with the discomfort. Plus, you might even find your soulmate in the process!

  • If you are already in a relationship, talk to strangers wherever you go. Strike up a conversation and see how long you can keep it going.

6. Go someplace alone.

Go to a restaurant you love and get a table for one. Take yourself to the movies. Visit a local park and soak up some nature – alone. Learn to feel comfortable out in public by yourself.

7. Meditate.

Meditation shows you how chatty and undisciplined your mind is. It also gives you a more realistic perspective of life.

  • Meditating may create some restlessness or resistance that you can easily learn to overcome with practice. Then, you will be glad you learned when it starts helping you get the most out of life.

Everyone has a comfort zone. The most successful people have a greater zone of comfort. This is part of what made them successful.

You can expand your comfort zone a wee bit each day. As your comfort zone increases, so will your self-esteem and success. Those with large comfort zones can be more, do more, and experience more.


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