We are all feeling pressure on our lives more now than ever. In light of the pandemic, it’s not uncommon to feel lethargic, helpless, and plain and simple, unhappy. And learning to feel better during tough times is something that we’ve all had to work on, but now we have to double down on it. What do we need to do to make ourselves feel happier in spite of everything?


Self-care is not just about doing exercise or eating well, but it’s about making sure that you are doing the things that make you feel happy. There are so many people that feel they need to venture outdoors despite the potential for being infected. You have to decide what is best for you. While you may have to venture out on occasion, it’s these circumstances where you need to guarantee that you are protecting yourself properly. Wearing a face mask or a communication mask is the very least you can do. Ideally, you need to prioritize what is important to you and stand firm. If you don’t like the idea of going out much, do what you can to keep yourself away from the situation. But at the same time, we need to remember that connection is the very essence of what makes us feel happy.

Be Social in a Way That Is Safe for You

Connecting with people is more important than ever. If you feel like you are alone, you can’t deprive yourself of any social interaction. Technology is a great tool for this, of course, but if you feel that you are isolated or in quarantine, there are ways for you to reach out while still making sure that everyone is safe.

Setting Yourself Challenges

Whether you want to feel more confident or develop new skills, now might be the perfect opportunity to focus your efforts. Setting yourself challenges is not about exhausting your mental and physical effort, especially if you are feeling pretty heavy as a result of what’s going on. But setting yourself small challenges gives you an opportunity to focus on something beyond your sadness. By taking advantage of the variety of courses online, it’s not just a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, but it also gives you an exercise in gratitude. It’s so easy to become insular and to focus on the negative. By participating in acts of gratitude, it will help us to think about what is beyond ourselves.

Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

You might find it very difficult to get a good night’s sleep. But now you have the perfect opportunity to regulate your sleep. If you are indoors and there are limited opportunities for socializing, you can take the opportunities to start fixing this. Setting an alarm to go to bed is one little thing that can be a reminder to get good quality rest.

If we are to feel happier, we have to balance the mind and body. While it is not easy in the circumstances, we have to take inspiration from those who have been through world wars and tragedies and use some of their knowledge.