Do you feel guilty about something? Perhaps you have regrets? Do you think you will have greater or fewer regrets when you reach the later stages of your life? The time to avoid guilt and regrets is right now. This is a key piece to making the very most of what you have and who you are.

How to Avoid Guilt or Shame

Wise decisions and a wee bit of courage are all you need to minimize the amount of guilt, shame or regret you feel in your life.

Live each day to the fullest with these strategies:


1. Make the most of each day.

The problem isn’t that life is too short. The problem is that we don’t make the most of our time. Think of how much time you have wasted over the last 10+ years. What could you have accomplished with just 30 minutes each day for 10 or even 20 years?

  • At the end of each day, take a few minutes to reflect upon what you have accomplished over the course of the day. What did you get done? How much time did you waste? How did you waste it?

2. Take risks.

It is true that you regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did. Turn up your courage a notch or two and take more intelligent risks than you are right now. Try new activities and open yourself up to new people. Try that thing that you keep thinking about. Stop thinking about it and live it.

3. Be true to yourself.

Know your values and goals. Avoid doing things that you know in your heart aren’t right. Trust your intuition. Of all the awful things you’ve done in your life, you knew that 99% of them were awful before you did them.

  • Make a list of your values and be aware of them. Before you do anything that seems somewhat questionable, remember the items on your list.

4. Avoid acting impulsively.

Whether you say something you should not have, or you take a course of action that is unwise, you will often be regretful after being impulsive. Impulsivity is the result of being emotionally distressed in some way. When that happens, your ability to make good decisions goes out the window.

5. Grow.

We regret being stagnant. Looking back over the last decade or more and realizing that you’re the same person you were back then can be devastating. Put yourself on a path of personal growth. Spend time each day becoming the best version of yourself.

6. Be honest.

Honesty is a big word. It’s not just about being truthful with your words. It’s about being open with your opinions and beliefs. It’s about living your own truth. When you’re honest, people understand you, and your interactions and relationships take place at a higher level.

It is not likely that anyone goes through life without any feelings of guilt, shame or regret. It is important to make the best of who you are and what choices you have and have not made.

Regrets come from making poor decisions. But one thing is for certain: life’s major regrets are more likely to result from being too cautious. Those who choose to live with boldness tend to have fewer regrets.

What do you think you will regret the most when you get older? What do you regret the most right now? Think about the types of things you regret and decide not to make similar choices going forward.


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