We live in an age of self-improvement. When there are so many changes in your life beyond your control, you may feel the urge to take the reins. But when there are so many external factors that cause anxiety in life, we’ve got to go back to the heart of mindfulness and focusing inwards. When we feel that life is a myriad of complexities and tasks that threaten to overwhelm our sense of self we’ve got to figure out ways to better ourselves in a more mindful way. Your self-development is crucial to change your perspective or focus on positivity. And while self-improvement is one of those things that can seem like a long and arduous journey, there are things that you can do to help you become more mindful and improve your self-development. Here are some suggestions.

3 Key Pillars for Mindful Self-Development

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Preparing for Sleep

As grown-ups who are expected to work every hour under the sun and sleep “when we’re dead,” we can struggle to keep up with the speed of life. Many people believe lack of sleep to be like a badge of honor. But going to sleep is something that you need to help improve your life in so many ways. The great thing about going to sleep is that it’s a very mindful activity because you’re not doing anything. This is why if you struggle to sleep and you try to force yourself into slumber-land, a bedtime routine can help. Setting up a bedtime routine is crucial because this signals our mind and body that it is time for bed. 

There are a few simple things that you can do to help you get into a sleeping state. As well as going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day to benefit your circadian rhythm, you’ve got to avoid overstimulating yourself. Many people watch TV or go on their phone before they go to sleep, but this can interfere with the sleep hormone melatonin. One of the simplest and effective approaches to getting ready for sleep is reading. There is something ritualistic about getting into bed with your reading glasses and a few touches of comfort to prepare yourself for a night of deep sleep. It’s worth taking the opportunity to visit a website that provides reading glasses and lamps as well as some comfortable socks. When you are making a little investment in your bedtime routine by purchasing these little things, you will feel more inclined to stick at it. Sleep is simple, as long as you prepare for it right!

Exercising Mindfully

One of the keys to self-development is physical fitness. We all know that we need to be physically fit, but now there’s a lot more research highlighting the fact that good exercise can stave off disease but also benefit your brain. People talk about the importance of physical activity, but do things that are too much for the individual, or aren’t stimulating enough. But when you start to think about mindfulness in terms of exercise, it can put your entire being into another place. Many bodybuilders talk about exercise as a form of meditation, and while you might not be keen to pack on the muscle, you can take inspiration from those people who go running for miles to get themselves into another frame of mind. 

It’s not about overexerting yourself if you don’t want it to be. Any exercise is beneficial. But if you start slowly by practicing something like walking, it is a small aerobic application that can help you practice mindfulness. When you start to approach each new exercise with a more mindful attitude, especially if they provide uncomfortable sensations, this will help you to increase your resilience towards that activity, but also push you into areas outside of your comfort zone. Because mindfulness is about being aware of your body, exercise, and periods of discomfort can push you into those areas quickly. Look at something like the Body By Science practice, where you go to complete failure through five simple movements. This can give you the extreme benefits of high-intensity training while also forcing you to engage with this discomfort in order to reap the benefits.

Balancing Your Work and Life

One of the hardest things that everybody tries to fix. When we look at the pillars of self-development arguably climbing the career ladder is one of the major goals full stop that when you have a family or a life outside of your work you may feel guilty that you’re not giving it all in your career or vice versa. You may start to think about the career opportunities that you have missed or think that the grass is greener on the other side. But when you keep things in balance and pinpoint the aspects of your life where you feel you may not be as fulfilled, you may discover a few home truths. 

Many people focus on their careers because they don’t have much outside of it. And this is why many people slowly come to the realization they don’t necessarily need to aim for the stars in order to feel happy in life. The goal is happiness at the end of the day. So if you feel that you need to balance your work and your home life while still making the most of each component, you may want to think about defining your goals better. Take those opportunities to meditate on what you think you want in comparison to what you really want.

Self-development is one of those components in life that we can become preoccupied with. In order to improve yourself, you may start to look at yourself with a negative perspective. But if you start to look at these three pillars that impact your life on a daily basis, this can help you to regain that all-important perspective. By sleeping properly we can have more clarity and our physical fitness can help us to function at our optimum, while also ensuring that our work and life are in balance so we will enjoy the fruits of our labors more.


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