Do you feel ashamed or irritated by what you label as your quirks, flaws, foibles, or imperfections?

Your quirks and foibles are a part of your being and make you more interesting, special, and unique. It is time to accept and embrace them instead of fighting them. You cannot achieve optimal health and wellness if you are battling inner issues about who you are.

Learning to Love and Accept ALL Aspects of You

Loving yourself, including your imperfections, does not mean that you don’t have self-improvement goals. You can always strive to strengthen your good qualities and develop skills and characteristics that you desire while loving and accepting the person you are.

Here are some techniques to implement to help you love and accept ALL aspects that help make you who you are:


1. First, accept the imperfections.

The key to having a fulfilling and happy life is accepting yourself. Once you acknowledge that your imperfections are a unique part of you, you can move on to loving yourself.

  • Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes, has scars, or feels inadequate at some point in their lives. Avoid dwelling on these facets of your life. Make up for them as best as you can and move on.

2. Let go of the comparisons.

If you spend time comparing yourself to others, it is time to stop. Your journey is unique. You are not on the same path as others. You may grow and change quite differently, and that is a good thing!!

  • Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, focus on yourself. Notice how you have grown, celebrate your accomplishments, and look forward to a bright future with your own goals.

3. Remember you are NOT broken.

It is tempting to view setbacks as permanent, but you can overcome them. Challenges are a part of everyone’s life, so there is not something inherently wrong with you because you have obstacles.

4. Pay attention to what you say to yourself.

There is a direct link between self-talk and your health and mental well-being.

  • Notice if you use negative self-talk that is humiliating or demoralizing. Does your inner dialogue make you feel inferior, ashamed, or guilty? You do not want your words to create more pain and suffering!
  • Learn to forgive yourself and be gentler. You can change the words of your inner dialogue to words of love and support. Each time you say something negative, immediately change it to something positive, instead.

5. Remember that your days will vary.

You may have days that make you feel amazing and on top of the world. You will also have days that make you feel defeated, sad, and tired. This roller-coaster of life is normal.

  • The key is to avoid letting the difficult days affect you long-term. Turn your focus to positive self-talk, solutions, and taking action.

6. Eliminate the toxic people.

Toxic people can make it harder for you to accept and love your imperfections. Reduce your contact with those who consistently make you feel bad about yourself. An occasional critique from a loved one or friend is normal. However, constant criticism tends to wear you down.

• Evaluate your relationships and focus on the ones that are healthier for you.

Celebrate your imperfections!! They make you the unique person you are. Use these tips to learn to love yourself inside and out. As a result, you will boost your self-confidence, increase your charisma, and gain greater peace as you pursue a life you will LOVE.


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