Who are we?

Such a timeless question has been repeatedly asked in many of the classic movies that we know. After all, this universal existential plight has been experienced by all of us, at least at one moment in our lives.

Spiritual Keys to Finding Your True Self

Even so, the real question is: why aren’t we able to find out our true self even with all the rationality and subjectivity that we have in us? Is it really possible to truly know we are? Or are all that’s left are mere masks of who we appear or want to be?

The sheer amount of complexity found in these questions often shies away from the common man. Instead of trying to answer the problems, man will choose to mechanically perform their routine and shut-off all these deep questions within them. As a result, he/she becomes free from the plight of having to answer to such and instead finds comfort in one’s ignorance.

But for some, this option that’s commonly chosen by the crowd is nothing short of unsatisfactory. If we are unable to find our true self, what then is the meaning of all this? With that, they are forced to experience the existential anguish of trying to find answers for this seemingly endless puzzle.

More often than not, people find answers through spirituality. By expanding their consciousness through various ways of spirituality, they can obtain keys which can unlock the whole meaning of their existence. With the dawn of the New Age, this spirituality often translates to an eclectic approach, with bits and pieces from both western and eastern religions.

As such, how does spirituality lead us to the true self? There can be numerous answers to this question. The pursuit of spirituality often takes form in the ways that one is accustomed to with their religion or one that he/she seeks to explore. But what truly is common in all of these ways?

The answer is simple: taking on life’s big questions. Regardless of the spirituality that you are engaged in, such only deepens when you can take in life’s biggest questions. By making sure that you see both ends of the spectrum even when there is little to no light, you are actually engaged in the whole process of understanding your true self.

After all, the human self is dynamic. As we converse with others, we wear masks. These masks serve as a persona which represents who we are and who we can be to them. But are they the true selves that we are looking for?

Sometimes the answer to this question can be too vague for us. But isn’t that life itself? If man is a dynamic being filled cursed with that endless quest of understanding his ever-changing being, then doesn’t it make sense to see ourselves as coherent chaos?

Of course, this article won’t be able to answer that question for you. Rather, it hopes that by raising these questions, you may begin seeking answers for yourself.


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