While no one wants to feel lonely, there are several benefits to spending time on your own. If you are feeling overwhelmed, struggling to concentrate, or just need some time to yourself, a little solitude might be exactly what you need.

Even if you live in a big city, there are ways to create some time to yourself without the presence of others.

Everyone would be well-served to have some time alone each day.

Tap Into the Power of Solitude


Solitude is better than you think!! Consider these benefits:


1. You learn a lot about yourself.

It is hard to give yourself attention and notice the more subtle aspects of yourself when there are other people and activity swirling around you all day long. Spending time alone gives you a chance to breathe and reflect upon yourself.

  • You have the luxury of noticing your thoughts and thought patterns when you are alone. You can observe things about yourself that are harder to recognize when you are distracted.

2. It is much easier to focus.

Solitude leads to much greater focus. Imagine having hours of uninterrupted time to focus upon a single task or goal. It is life-altering.

3. Your creativity will soar.

Nearly all the greatest scientists, authors, artists, composers, musicians, and inventors live in solitude much of the time. Solitude can enable you to achieve the level of creativity necessary to excel in these fields.

4. You are more productive.

You can get a lot more done when you spend time in solitude. Every distraction requires time and energy to regain and get back on track.

  • You can often accomplish a great deal more in a couple of hours by yourself than you can in a full day with others around.

5. You can focus on yourself and your needs.

Solitude gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself. You can explore your interests. You can spend your time on yourself. If there are other people around, they often want you to spend your time on them instead.

6. Solitude can benefit your mental health.

Spending some time alone on a regular basis can do wonders for your mental health. Being alone gives you a chance to unwind and take a break from the stress of dealing with others.

How to Create Solitude

It’s not necessary to live in the wilderness to create solitude each day.

Try these easy strategies:

1. Shut your door.

Getting some alone time can be as simple as hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign and shutting your door. You don’t have to seclude yourself on a mountain top to enjoy some solitude.

2. Turn off your phone.

Turn off your cell phone if you are truly interested in getting a break.

3. Eat alone.

If you don’t have an office at work, perhaps you can enjoy a little escape during lunch. Eating alone can be a time of peace and relaxation.

4. Make the most of your weekends.

The weekend can be a great time to schedule some time by yourself. Visit the park, sit on your deck, take a long walk, or just at home alone.

5. Take a trip.

If necessary, get out of town for a few days and seclude yourself. Many authors use this tactic to finish a book.

Solitude is great for your mind, body, and spirit!!

While the idea of solitude might give you visions of someone living in a cabin in the wilderness, it is possible to create solitude nearly anywhere.

Spend a little time alone each day and see what happens to your mood and your work. You will soon look forward to your interval of solitude each day.


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